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Angelina Jolie Mobbed as She Visits Greek Refugee Camp

Angelina Jolie tells press to "back up" when she is caught in a media scrum while talking to two refugee children

17 Mar 2016,

Greece Election: Alexis Tsipras Hails 'Victory of the People'

Greece's Alexis Tsipras has said his left-wing Syriza party has a "clear mandate" after winning a second general election in less than nine months.

21 Sep 2015,

What Alexis Tsipras’s Announcement Means for Greece

A tumultuous summer in Greece could lead to an uncertain autumn as voters may have to decide who would best navigate the next phase of the country’s financial struggle.

21 Aug 2015,

Greece Arrives at Last-Chance Talks Empty-Handed

Greece’s last-ditch effort to secure its place in the eurozone had a rocky start when its finance minister arrived at a meeting of counterparts without a fresh rescue proposal.

07 Jul 2015,

Why Greece Matters for Everyone

Like it or not, Greece is a domino that will have ripple effects throughout the rest of the world

06 Jul 2015,

Euro off Greece-Driven Lows after SNB Intervenes

The euro came off its lows on Monday as the Swiss National Bank said it intervened in the market to weaken the franc, with the single currency little changed on the day after initial steep losses on concerns that Greece was on the brink of default.

29 Jun 2015,

Picture of the Day: Shipwreck Beach

Located on the coast of Zakynthos, Greece is Navagio (Shipwreck) Beach, an exposed cove often referred to as Smugglers Cove.

08 Jul 2013,

Video of the Day: Amazing Base Jump in Greece

05 Jul 2013,

Picture of the Day: Sunset in Santorini

In this stunning capture by Pedro Szekely, we see the sun setting over the picturesque town of Oia, Greece. Oia, which is pronounced “EE-ah” and not “OY-ah”, is a small town and former community in the South Aegean on the islands of Thira (Santorini) and Therasia, in the Cyclades, Greece.

27 Jun 2013,

Video of the Day: Uploading Ferry During Storm

The ship Adamantios Korais with the master cpt Isidore Hardy approaches the port of Kimolos while winds blowing in intensive 9 Beaufort.

05 Apr 2013,