Green Mauritius

Tourisme : les petits hôteliers s’arment pour affronter la basse saison

Après avoir enregistré des chiffres satisfaisants durant la haute saison touristique, les petits hôteliers préparent leurs munitions pour affronter la basse saison. De la rénovation à l’amélioration des services, en passant par des tarifs promotionnels, ils usent de toutes les stratégies possibles.

22 Mar 2017,

Tourisme: Les hôtels de charme se mettent au vert

Une subvention de USD 250 000. C’est ce dont dispose l’association des petits et moyens hôtels dont les membres ont adhéré au programme Greening the Mauritian Tourism Industry. Celui-ci en est à sa deuxième phase avec la tenue d’un atelier de formation le vendredi 17 février.

14 Feb 2017,

Secteur émergent: les déchets électroniques et électriques seront valorisés

Téléphones portables, ordinateurs, réfrigérateurs, climatiseurs, postes de télévision… Ils seront tous frappés d’une redevance qui servira à financer un projet de récupération et de recyclage des déchets électroniques et électriques.

14 Sep 2016,

Véhicules Écologiques : Hybrides Et Électriques Gagnent Du Terrain

Ça roule vert chez les automobilistes.

29 Aug 2016,

Green Energy: Towards Economic Independence with Biodiesel

Since 1973, Dr. Christian Koch tries to make unlimited which by definition is limited to: heavy oil. And through a hydrogenation process and a catalyst for more "mundane" he managed, from bio-mass, surpass the million years of natural process to make biodiesel. The inventor present his "innovation" tomorrow at the University of Mauritius. This is St Aubin will be installed as the first production of biodiesel.

22 Jan 2013,

Une Centrale A Charbon Propre A Médine

Le gouvernement se propose d’aller de l’avant avec la mise en place d’une centrale à charbon propre de 100 MW à La Mecque, Médine.

02 Dec 2011,

Infotech: The 18th Edition Focused On Training And Awareness Of Green ICT

The two novelties of the 18th edition of'Infotech, to be held from November 24 to 27 in the center-Swami Vivekananda, straw, will be the Career Guidance and the Green ICT.

17 Nov 2011,

Mangroves will be restored by Mauritius government

"Around 70 per cent of commercial fish species depend on mangroves"

07 Sep 2011,

The 1st international conference on waste management

The event brings together experts, scientists and researchers from around 15 countries

06 Sep 2011,

Mauritius will soon have its first educational centre on green building

The project will be implemented by Prodesign Sustainability Ltd and is estimated to cost around Rs 80 million

09 Aug 2011,

Green energy gets govt financial aid

The implementation of the plan for the second Technology Needs Assessment for mitigation and adaptation to climate change was announced

04 Aug 2011,

The University of Mauritius explores possibility of using coconut oil as bio fuel

The project aims to reduce the dependence on diesel

02 Aug 2011,

Govt favors green buildings

“It is important that architects know how to be more energy efficient”

29 Jul 2011,

Port Louis can become a model of a green city in Mauritius

The African Mayoral Climate Change Declaration was presented and adopted by the Municipality of Port Louis on Wednesday

28 Jul 2011,

Sotravic have struck a power purchase agreement for the CEB

Sotravic and its partner Bilfinger Berger Group have been managing the site since 2006 and are the second private operators to have taken charge of the Mare Chicose landfill site

27 Jul 2011,

Energy Efficiency bill is in progress in Mauritius

The government is planning to proceed with the concept of ‘eco-friendly buildings in order to maximise energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable energy

13 Jul 2011,

Govt to tackle the e-waste problem in Mauritius

The number of electronic products discarded in Mauritius has also skyrocketed over the past few years

11 Jul 2011,

Trou aux Biches Resort and Spa is now installing a seawater desalination plant

The plant will provide 450 m3 of water per day

11 Jul 2011,

Decouverte du Grand Sud campaign

Mauritians will have a one-off opportunity to discover the natural reserves and “domains” in the south of the island on July 2 and 3 thanks to a promotional campaign launched by the Ministry of Tourism and Leisure.

30 Jun 2011,

USAID energy adviser, has been in Mauritius to discuss renewable energy issues

SATH, in collaboration for the Southern African Development Community (SADC), is in the process of organising a training programme

28 Jun 2011,

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