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Game of Thrones script and other HBO episodes reportedly leak online following hack

An upcoming Game of Thrones script and two unreleased episodes of Ballers and Room 104 have leaked online after an apparent security breach at HBO, Entertainment Weekly reports. The GoT script is reportedly from the episode scheduled to air next week.

01 Aug 2017, business.mega.mu

Les attaques Ransomware affectent Accenture

Après Wannacry, plusieurs systèmes informatiques ont été affectés par des attaques Ransomware, ces derniers jours. Un fait qui perturbe les fournisseurs de services qui dépendent de la connexion Internet. C’est le cas d’Accenture.

06 Jul 2017, business.mega.mu

New computer virus spreads from Ukraine to disrupt world business

A cyber attack wreaked havoc around the globe on Wednesday, crippling thousands of computers, disrupting operations at ports from Mumbai to Los Angeles and halting production at a chocolate factory in Australia.

28 Jun 2017, business.mega.mu

Une cyberattaque de grande ampleur se répand dans le monde

Le ministère des TIC met en garde les utilisateurs

28 Jun 2017, business.mega.mu

Disney hack: Ransom demanded for stolen film

Film studio Disney has said hackers have threatened to release one of the studio's forthcoming movies unless it pays a ransom.

16 May 2017, business.mega.mu

Cyberattaque planétaire : comment se prémunir

Des dizaines de pays ont été affectés par un « ransomware » subtilisé par des hackers à la National Security Agency des États-Unis. Il s’agit d’un programme qui crypte les données d’un système et qui réclame au propriétaire le paiement d’une rançon de 300 dollars. Il y a toutefois des moyens de s’en prémunir, comme l’expliquent des informaticiens mauriciens.

16 May 2017, business.mega.mu

WannaCry ransomware cyber-attacks slow but fears remain

A computer malware that has spread across 150 countries appears to be slowing down, with few reports of fresh attacks in Asia and Europe on Monday.

15 May 2017, business.mega.mu

Yahoo hack: Should I panic?

Yahoo has said data from more than one billion accounts may have been hacked.

15 Dec 2016, business.mega.mu

Deutsche Telekom 'hack' affects nearly a million customers

An attempt to hijack consumer router devices for a wider internet attack caused network outages that hit hundreds of thousands of Deutsche Telekom customers in Germany, a company executive said.

29 Nov 2016, business.mega.mu

Google reveals dangerous Windows 10 bug

Google and Microsoft are butting heads over the disclosure of vulnerabilities. On Monday, Google revealed a critical flaw in Windows after it gave Microsoft a ten-day window to warn the public about it.

01 Nov 2016, business.mega.mu

Yahoo Will Reveal ‘Massive’ Loss of User Data, Recode Says

Yahoo! Inc. is preparing to disclose a “massive” data breach of its main service, Recode reported, just as Verizon Communications Inc. prepares to take over the ailing internet company’s core assets.

22 Sep 2016, business.mega.mu

Brazzers porn account holders exposed by hackers

The names of almost 800,000 registered users of porn site Brazzers have been exposed in a data breach.

07 Sep 2016, business.mega.mu

Bitcoin worth $72 million stolen from Bitfinex exchange in Hong Kong

Nearly 120,000 units of digital currency bitcoin worth about US$72 million was stolen from the exchange platform Bitfinex in Hong Kong, rattling the global bitcoin community in the second-biggest security breach ever of such an exchange.

03 Aug 2016, business.mega.mu

Hackers Break Into Google CEO Sundar Pichai's Quora Account

A hacker group has briefly overtaken the Quora account of Google CEO Sundar Pichai, which also enabled them to post on his Twitter.

27 Jun 2016, business.mega.mu

More Than 32 Million Twitter Credentials Reportedly Hacked

LeakedSource says it has a database of more than 32 million stolen Twitter credentials. Luckily, checking to see if you're affected is easy.

09 Jun 2016, business.mega.mu

Celebrity Twitter Accounts Are Getting Hacked Weeks After LinkedIn Data Dump

wide range of celebrity Twitter handles have been compromised in recent days. Katy Perry's account was hacked a week ago, and over the weekend Mark Zuckerberg, Keith Richards, Tenancious D, Kylie Jenner, and the late Ryan Dunn have all had their Twitter accounts taken over.

06 Jun 2016, business.mega.mu

The Ashley Madison Hack Proves It: Everyone Lies About Their Birthdays

The amount of information released by the Ashley Madison hackers is really quite staggering: Tens of millions of emails, locations, pick-up lines and even more personal data. And, of course, birthdates.

20 Aug 2015, business.mega.mu

Sony Releases ‘The Interview’ Online

After a week of outreach and negotiations, Sony Pictures found two companies willing to release “The Interview” amid unprecedented threats of hacking and violence: Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp.

26 Dec 2014, business.mega.mu

Hackers Threaten Sony Pictures' Employees and Their Families

The hackers that stole sensitive data from Sony Pictures have sent out an email to the company's employees, threatening them and their families, according to Variety.

08 Dec 2014, business.mega.mu

Hackers’ Attack on JPMorgan Chase Affects Millions

A cyberattack this summer on JPMorgan Chase compromised the accounts of 76 million households and seven million small businesses, a tally that dwarfs previous estimates by the bank and puts the intrusion among the largest ever.

03 Oct 2014, business.mega.mu

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