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Digital Identity Card Will Contain Medical Data

"A person must simply present their ID card to the doctor has under the eyes all his medical history." This is explained a source close to the project board digital identity. In fact, medical data of the cardholder will be stored on it. That, in the computerization of the public health service process, or e-health.

19 Feb 2014,

Médecins Payés pour des Rapports Médicaux : Une Pratique qui Derange

Le comportement jugé peu éthique d’une poignée de médecins, du privé et des hôpitaux confondus, est soulevé dans les milieux concernés. Ils auraient pour habitude de réclamer des commissions pour rédiger des rapports en faveur des victimes d’accidents de la route.

05 Feb 2014,

Post-Internship Examinations: Doctors Flunk Recovered

All interns who were recruited before 1 August 2013 will be exempted from the mandatory review post-internship, said Solicitor General. Result: five candidates who failed in the previous review will, in all probability, be recognized as doctors by the Medical Council. And upcoming exams, scheduled for March could be canceled.

24 Jan 2014,

Internship Final Examination: 160 Aspiring Physicians Succeeded

They protested against the decision to impose an entrance at the end of their internship examination. And these 160 aspiring doctors declare victory.

22 Jan 2014,

SSRN Hospital: New ICU Department Operational in March

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam National Hospital (SSRN) will be a new intensive care department that will accommodate ten patients simultaneously. The Minister of Health Lormus Bundhoo think this department will be operational from March.

08 Jan 2014,

Dengue and Malaria: Carriers Come Mainly from India and Africa

17 cases of dengue and 46 cases of malaria were recorded from January to mid-December this year, the minister said Lormus Bundhoo during a press briefing on Monday December 16.

16 Dec 2013,

La Qualité des Cours à la School of Nursing Pointée du Doigt : 31 Etudiants sur 200 Echouent aux Examens Intermédiaires

La School of Nursing forme des milliers d’infirmiers chaque année, mais la quantité rime-t-elle toujours avec la qualité ? Pas si sûr ! Plusieurs étudiants viennent d’échouer à leurs examens.

16 Dec 2013,

Recruiting 75 Young Doctors: Queries About the Selection Criteria

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has recruited 75 young doctors who joined the service Monday, December 2. Twenty others were less fortunate.

03 Dec 2013,

Hospital North: CT Scan and MRI Failed

SSR Hospital, Pamplemousses, hhas bad luck lately? In any case, two of the high-tech equipment is currently down. This is the CT Scan and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

01 Dec 2013,

Health: 33 Specialists Hired Soon

From 2014, specialists in various fields will be present 24 hours at 24 regional hospitals. The selection exercise for the recruitment of 33 specialists to implement this program is underway.

25 Nov 2013,

Private Clinics: Operators Play Back High-Tech Map

With the sophistication of health services, clinics must occasionally invest in new high-tech devices to gain a competitive advantage and align their services on the market offers. Expensive investments that will be recovered in a few years.

22 Nov 2013,

Budget 2014 - Health: Family Physicians Soon Be a Reality

The key measure for the health sector for the introduction of the system of family doctors. The Minister of Finance announced that the latter should be assigned in different Area Health Centres. And four diabetologists, 33 specialists and 32 GPs will also be recruited.

09 Nov 2013,

Hospital Expenditure of Rs 7 Billion

In Mauritius, the share of hospital expenditure in relation to total public health budget is 81.5%, which represents an amount of Rs 7 billion. This was referred to the Minister of Health, Lormus Bundhoo, specifying that it is a large sum of money that was raised through various types of taxes. The latter attended the official launch of a "Team-Based Costing Hospital Efficiency Project" in Domaines Les Pailles.

09 Nov 2013,

Echec aux Examens du Dental Council : Un Membre du Conseil : « Nos Doutes Etaient Justifiés »

Le couperet vient de tomber pour les treize candidats aux examens du Medical Council et du Dental Council. Seulement deux ont réussi. Parmi, ne figure aucun aspirant dentiste. En effet, les six candidats ayant fait des études de dentisterie ont échoué à ces examens.

05 Nov 2013,

Mauritius Seeks India's Help for Screening Medical Students

Concerned over rising number of medical negligence cases in their hospitals, Mauritius has sought India's help to conduct screening test for its students who acquire their medical degrees abroad.

26 Jun 2013,

Hospitals: 69 Doctors, 150 Internal and 81 Specialists Recruited

Lormus Bundhoo: "The mandatory continuing education for license renewal of current medical practice soon"

10 May 2013,

Healthcare to be improved in 2012

The president of the Nursing Association, Bagooaduth Kallooa has many expectations in the health sector this year. He is hoping for better communication between hospital staff, administration and the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life. “Communication was almost non-existent between the Nursing Association and the ministry in 2011. Most of our correspondence went unanswered,” [...]

05 Jan 2012, The Independent Daily

Apollo brings Stem Cell Therapy to Mauritius

As part of its commitment to enhancing the standard of healthcare in Mauritius, Apollo Bramwell Hospital shared knowledge on its this innovative technology used while performing Stem Cell Therapy with local doctors.

11 Feb 2011, The Independent Daily