Holidays Mauritius

Holi : la Fête des Couleurs Célébrée

Ce mercredi soir, l'effigie de Holika, soit la célébration du "Holika Dahan" aura lieu à 20h sur le terrain de foot à Highlands par la MSDTF. Une célébration, qui symbolise la victoire du bien sur le mal, sera marquée jeudi par des couleurs à foison !

07 Mar 2012,

NGO Announces Holi Celebrations in March

In a press meet held at the municipality of Port Louis on Saturday, the president of the Nav Yuvak Dharmic Sangh, Prakash Manaroo urged the youth to preserve their ancestral traditions and values. He also announced the calendar of activities that will mark the celebration of Holi.

05 Mar 2012,

The Great Night of Shiva

The "Aum Namah Shivaya" (glory to God Shiva) reasoned in every temple and Ganga Talao overnight Monday to Tuesday.

21 Feb 2012,

Celebration of Maha Shivaratree: Recognition, Devotion and Prayers Dedicated to Lord Shiva

Shivaratree Maha or Great Night of Shiva. This is the night of Monday, February 20 that Mauritians of Hindu faith will pay homage to Lord Shiva.

20 Feb 2012,

Hindu House Mobilises for Maha Shivaratree

In the context of the celebrating Maha Shivaratree, the sociocultural association, Hindu House, in collaboration with the Rashtriya Sanatan Dharma Sanghatan and the Sanatan Dharma Purohit Mandal, will undertake a food distribution for pilgrims coming from the north of the island heading to Grand Bassin from February 18 to 19.

15 Feb 2012,

Le Thaipoosam Cavadee Célébré Avec Ferveur

L’enceinte du Sockalingum Meenatchee Ammen Kovil à Sainte-Croix était ornée de cavadees fleuris et colorés, un beau spectacle que les fidèles admiraient inlassablement, mardi.

08 Feb 2012,

Activities chalked out for children on holidays

Activities under the Spécial Vacances programme, organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the school holidays, will officially start on Thursday. These will go on for three weeks. Two major components are Cyclo Vacances and Beach Games. The kickoff for Cyclo Vacances, which will last three days, will be held on Thursday at [...]

01 Dec 2011, The Independent Daily