Illegal migration Mauritius

Immigration: 79 étrangers en situation irrégulière à Maurice

Parmi les étrangers en situation irrégulière, 56 avaient eu la permission de rester à Maurice grâce à un « Provisional Student Visa ». Réponse du Premier ministre à une question à l’Assemblée nationale.

12 Jan 2017,

Traque des étrangers: surveillance accrue des mariages blancs

Depuis le début de l’année, 145 étrangers en situation irrégulière ont été arrêtés puis rapatriés dans leur pays d’origine.

12 Aug 2016,

The European Union Will Pay African Countries to Take Back Their Economic Migrants

European leaders are expected to offer African countries billions of euros in exchange for repatriating migrants that have moved to Europe in search of work, not to escape war.

10 Nov 2015,

Refugees Break Through Police Lines and March on Hungary Highway

Hundreds of migrants have climbed over police fencing and begun to walk to Budapest. The move follows frustration over the long registration procedures and their treatment in the interim.

08 Sep 2015,

Austria Plans to End Measures Allowing Migrants from Hungary and Move 'Towards Normality'

Austria said on Sunday it planned to end emergency measures that have allowed thousands of refugees stranded in Hungary into Austria and Germany since Saturday and move step by step "towards normality".

07 Sep 2015,

Migrant Crisis: EU 'Must Accept 200,000 Refugees', UN Says

EU nations must accept up to 200,000 refugees as part of a "common strategy" to replace their "piecemeal" approach to the migrant crisis, the UN says.

04 Sep 2015,

Migrant Crisis 'a German Problem' - Hungary's Orban

Hungary's leader says the migrant crisis facing Europe is a "German problem" since Germany is where those arriving in the EU "would like to go".

03 Sep 2015,

Hundreds of Migrants Protest at Budapest Station, Want to go to Germany

Hundreds of migrants protested in front of Budapest's Eastern railway station on Wednesday, shouting "Freedom, freedom" and demanding to be let onto trains bound for Germany but the station remained closed to them.

02 Sep 2015,

Britain and France to Announce Measures to Contain Migrant Crisis in Calais

After a summer in Britain and France dominated by news of migrants trying to break into the Channel Tunnel, the two countries will announce new security measures on Thursday intended to contain a crisis that has disrupted travel and stirred a fierce debate about migration.

20 Aug 2015,