Import Mauritius

Plus besoin de permis pour importer le poisson et le lait

Finie la bureaucratie pour l’obtention d’un permis d’importation pour le lait et le poisson.

31 Oct 2011,

Mauritius' trade deficit narrows yr/yr in June

Britain was the main buyer of goods from Mauritius in June

23 Aug 2011,

Mauritius buys 2000 tonnes of white rice from Pakistan

23 Aug 2011,

Mauritius trade deficit widens in May

Mauritius' trade deficit widened 24.4 percent

20 Jul 2011,

Le déficit commercial a augmenté de 31%

C'est ce que démontrent les chiffres du Central Statistics Office (CSO) publiés, le mercredi 22 juin

23 Jun 2011,

Mauritius to import 6000 tonnes of rice

15 Jun 2011,

Imports in Q1 2011 have dropped

India, the country’s main supplier of petroleum products since 2006, is the main source of imports

14 Jun 2011,

Fuel tanker docks, fear dispelled

It is the first time that such a large oil shipment has arrived in the country aboard a single tanker

30 May 2011,

25000 tonnes of sugar to be imported in Mauritius

The first shipment is expected in the first week of July

25 May 2011,

APEC: The import of sugar in Mauritius is not transparent

The Mauritius Sugar Syndicate imports about 35,000 tonnes of sugar every year

10 May 2011,

Customs chief leaving the MRA

Mr Mendes leave the MRA at the end of this month

10 May 2011,

Mauritian agro-industry sector is waiting for improvements

The government would be ready to support farmers and breeders who want to import genetically modified cattle and seeds for better yield

03 May 2011,

Mauritius govt to liberalize the price and import of cement

20 Apr 2011,

Mauritius trade deficit keeps widening in February

Mauritius' year-on-year import costs rose 18.7 percent to 11 billion rupees

19 Apr 2011,

3000 live animals on the way from Kenya to Mauritius

29 Mar 2011,

Mauritius will suspend the import of Japanese products

29 Mar 2011,

Trade deficit of Rs 66.528 million for 2010

Export and import increased in 2010 compared to 2009.

15 Mar 2011,