Innovations Mauritius

Indice mondial de l’innovation : Maurice régresse à la 64e place

En deuxième position, Maurice talonne l’Afrique du Sud en matière d’innovation en Afrique subsaharienne. Selon l’Indice mondial de l’innovation de l’Organisation Mondiale de la Propriété Intellectuelle (OMPI), Mauruce se situe à la 64e place mondiale.

30 Jun 2017,

Catering: Changing Industry

The catering service is a way of providing food that is constantly evolving. News and innovations are necessary to adapt to consumer demand. Professionals in the sector, expanding tell us more.

03 Oct 2013,

5 Tech Innovations Spawning New Start-ups

They're still new themselves but already these innovations are seeing start-up ecosystems grow up around them.

24 Jul 2013,

4 Reasons Businesses Should Take Hashtags Seriously

Hashtags have become a prominent part of the online atmosphere and as of late, more and more social media sites have allowed for the categorizing program known as Hashtags.

09 Jul 2013,

How to Beat an Innovation Troll

As a startup, there's nothing better than creating a new market; you can provide products and services that address a previously unsolved problem. But there are setbacks to blazing your own trail--namely: Innovation trolls or "rent seekers" who want things to stay just the way they are.

09 Jul 2013,

Innovation is About Behaviour, Not Products

True innovators get people to do new things, not just buy new stuff.

14 May 2013,

Creative Problem-Solving Strategies to Test Your Business Idea

Truly innovative small businesses and startups create a bold vision of a future that doesn't exist yet, solving problems that customers don't even know they have. But they don't pull that vision out of thin air -- many inventive companies use a strategy called design thinking.

07 Mar 2013,

Innovation, Ninja-Style

Consumer Electronics Association head Gary Shapiro says small tech companies, when they're at their best, act like ninjas.

27 Feb 2013,

Spark Innovation with These 3 Words

Say it with me: How might we? This is the phrase that today’s most successful companies use when they want to tackle challenges creatively. How might we improve X ... or completely re-imagine Y... or find a new way to accomplish Z?

26 Dec 2012,

167000 people have already been screened at mobile clinics

The Ministry of Health and Quality of Life introduced this service to detect patients suffering from non-communicable diseases

05 Aug 2011,

Another internet election took place in Estonia

A record number of Estonians cast Internet ballots in the Baltic state's general election, still the only parliamentary poll in the world with an online option

07 Mar 2011,

The first Business and Research Incubation Centre (BRIC) has launched in Ebène

The setting up of the BRIC follows the Business Angels Forum which was held last year in a bid to bridge the gap between academia and the business world.

04 Mar 2011,