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Economy: Mauritius, Gabon To Sign Cooperation Agreements This Week

Cooperation agreements Gabon-Mauritius - Mauritius and Gabon are to sign a number of agreements when the Gabonese President, Ali Bongo Ondimba, pays a four-day official visit to Mauritius from 16 October.

17 Oct 2013,

Offshore Companies: New Conditions To Be Met

In order to bring more substance in the Mauritian court and appease the rumbling Indian, the Financial Services Commission (FSC) issued a "Control and Management of Conduct of Business for a GBC1". New conditions to be met by offshore companies, licensed by Global Business Company 1 '(GBC1).

17 Oct 2013,

Mauritius: a Strategic Refocus

Africa is the target of Mauritius's charge to become a stronger investment and financing hub. The government is reviewing its tax treaties with India and South Africa as it prepares to launch a new "ocean economy" to further diversify the island's productive base.

16 Oct 2013,

Mauritius May Tighten Rules For Firms Seeking Tax Treaty Benefits

The move will make it difficult for firms that unduly use the India-Mauritius double tax-avoidance pact to their gain.

14 Oct 2013,

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit Kicks Off in Indonesia

NUSA DUA (INDONESIA), OCT 7: Asia-Pacific leaders convened on Monday for a summit in Indonesia aimed at advancing trade and investment liberalisation amid a regional economic slowdown.

13 Oct 2013,

Mauritius Sees Its Future In Expanding Trade In Africa

Mauritius broke from its colonial masters in the UK 45 years ago, but its economy has remained strongly linked to Europe. First it was sugar; then it was textiles; even the tourists who started to arrive at the Indian Ocean island off east Africa in the early 1980s came mostly from Europe.

21 Sep 2013,

Sugar Industry Reaps Benefits Of Africa Move

When Jacques d’Unienville, chief executive of Mauritius sugar cane company Omnicane, travelled to the annual meeting of the sugar industry in Brazil he was pleasantly surprised by what he heard.

18 Sep 2013,

Trade / Investment Promotional Missions In Nigeria And Ghana

The Board of Investment in collaboration with Enterprise Mauritius, take the next two weeks focusing on trade and investment promotion mission to Lagos and Accra, capital of Nigeria and Ghana.

16 Sep 2013,

Beta Oil Terminal Invests Rs 400 Million in Mer Rouge

After Vivo Energy Mauritius, Total Mauritius Ltd, Engen Petroleum Mauritius, Indian Oil Ltd, it is the turn of the company, Beta Oil Terminal Ltd. position for storage of petroleum products in Port Louis. Indeed, Beta Oil Terminal Ltd proposes to build three silos of fuels with a storage capacity of 19,700 cubic meters Mer Rouge.

15 Sep 2013,

Africa - Bernard Lugan: "The Politics Can Have Devastating Effects"

Africa is really a paradise? There is a lot of things to do in Africa, and at the same time, there are also many risks with areas and countries with problems.

09 Sep 2013,

Mauritius Seychelles: XLD And Jean-Paul Adam Signed A Joint Statement

Under the 10th Mauritius -Seychelles Joint Commission, the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Xavier -Luc Duval and his Seychelles counterpart Jean- Paul Adam has this morning signed a joint agreement on 22 points. Cooperation in the economic , tourism and ocean economy is among the topics. Xavier -Luc Duval, for his part stressed the cultural affinity between Mauritius and the Seychelles.

08 Sep 2013,

FSC Suspends Operation Of Two Companies

The Financial Services Commission [FSC] asuspendu Thursday, September 5 the operation Panchshil Healthcare Ltd and International Investments MA Ltd. Youtrade license.

06 Sep 2013,

Investment, Promotion: The BOI Is Activated To Hold The Private Equity Conference

The BOI actively preparing the third edition of Private Equity Conference held on 12 and 13 September at the Hilton Hotel and the theme "Connecting Global Investors with African Opportunities."

06 Sep 2013,

Enjeu Économique : Les “Ticking Bombs”

Énergie électrique: Le CEB acculé à un Plan B avec 4 nouveaux moteurs diesel de 60 MW au coût de Rs 2 à 3 milliards pour 2015.

05 Sep 2013,

Indian Cinema: XLD Starts Filming Souten 2

Announced in the budget year 2012, the Film Rebate Scheme, which aims to encourage the emergence of a film industry in Mauritius, begins to take shape.

04 Sep 2013,

Mauritius e-Registry Phase 1 operational in 2014

The Registrar-General Department (RGD) of Mauritius will implement the first phase of its e-services next year.

24 Aug 2013,

BOI, At International Level: Campaign to Promote the Occupancy Permit

The Board of Investment is engaged in an intensive international campaign to promote the occupancy permit.

17 Aug 2013,

Growth in Africa: West Africa Leading the Charge for 2013-2014

The West Africa is the region with the highest economic growth in Africa in 2013 and 2014, with a growth rate of 6.7% and 7.4% respectively. This has been said, the Nigerian press John Anyanwu, Lead Research Economist of the African Development Bank (ADB) in Abuja last week.

09 Aug 2013,

Fisheries: Marine Farm Mahebourg dismissal

Pioneer in aquaculture in Mauritius, Mahebourg marine farm on the coast of Pointe-aux-Feuilles, announces compression staff due to "significant investment." Eleven employees were laid off.

05 Aug 2013,

Investing in Africa - The Most Promising Cities

In addition to 54 countries representing many markets, experts discuss today on African cities that will drive the economic growth of the black continent in the coming years. For the nuances and opportunities is essential for investment.

05 Aug 2013,

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