Islands Mauritius

Exiled Chagos islanders could return home under new plans

Conservationists and human rights campaigners are to discuss new proposals that may allow a group of exiled islanders to return to their tropical archipelago home after it was turned into... Read more »

15 May 2011, KotZot

Island access fee U-turn now comes under fire

Mr Mungroo said the change of mind is deplorable

27 Apr 2011,

Rs10 a visit islet charge is dumped

Nando Bodha has ditched a plan to charge a Rs10 access fee to the Eastern islets

21 Apr 2011,

Mauritius: Ile aux Cerfs protest over Rs10 admission

Minister Nando Bodha came under fire for the new regulations which impose a Rs10 charge to Mauritians to gain access to Ile Aux Cerfs and a Rs50 charge for tourists

18 Apr 2011,

Access to Ile aux Cerfs and Trou Viré islands will soon become payable

The announcement was made by the minister of Tourism Nando Bodha at a press conference in Port Louis on Thursday

08 Apr 2011,