Kindergarten Mauritius

Things to know about sending your kid to kindergarten / preschool / garderie

  Hello everyone! If you are a big fan of the blog, you will probably remember the series of posts talking about “Parenthood“, namely with the articles about getting married, and then, getting pregnant and...

03 Nov 2017, Yashvin, pages of my life

Coût de la crèche : un budget mensuel entre Rs 2800 et Rs 6600

La crèche est devenue un espace qui remplit une double fonction : la garde des enfants et une certaine forme d’initiation à l’appréhension de leur environnement.

02 Jul 2017,

And what if your kid was there?

Today, Mauritius has woken up with another shocking news reported by RadioPlus through a video showing an employee of a Crèche slapping 2 small kids.

23 Feb 2011, Yashvin, pages of my life