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Comité ministériel pour étudier l’introduction du Kreol au Upper Secondary Level

Un comité ministériel, présidé par le Premier ministre, Pravind Jugnauth, sera mis sur pied pour étudier l’introduction du Kreol Morisien dans les classes supérieures au niveau secondaire.

06 Apr 2021,

Éducation : Le Kreol Morisien pas au programme pour les élèves de la SC

Selon le professeur Arnaud Carpooran, cela pose problème à ceux ayant choisi le Kreol Morisien comme matière optionnelle depuis le grade 1. Arrivés en grade 10, rien n’est prévu pour ces élèves déplore le professeur Carpooran.

04 Mar 2021,

GLK locked out of launching ceremony of Kreol Morisien

Grupman Larkansiel Kreol (GLK) welcomes the initiative of introducing the Kreol as an optional language in the primary education system during the 2012 school year. In a communiqué issued on Friday, GLK wishes to thank the government for its vision and allowing this historic introduction in school. However, GLK deplores the fact that the members [...]

17 Jan 2012, The Independent Daily

Kreol Morisien introduced in Std 1

Introducing Kreol Morisien in primary schools is a major milestone in the history of Mauritius. To mark this achievement, a ceremony was held on Wednesday at Le Morne Government School in the presence of the minister of Education and Human Resources, Dr Vasant Bunwaree. The education minister wants to make sure that the language is [...]

12 Jan 2012, The Independent Daily

Introduction Of Kreol Morisien And Bhojpuri In Mauritius Schools

Ministry of Education and Human Resources In the Government Programme 2010 – 2015, the Government of Mauritius has announced the introduction of Kreol Morisien and Bhojpuri as optional subjects in schools as soon as possible. The Ministry has set up, since October 2010, the Akademi Kreol Morisien in order, among others, to standardize an orthography [...]

15 Apr 2011, MauritiusHot