Labour market Mauritius

Foreign Labor: Essential Skills, But ...

Mauritians shun certain jobs or do not have the right profile for positions that require specialized skills. Where the use of foreign labor.

31 Oct 2013,

The Foreign Labor Raised

37 197 foreigners are working at Mauritius, according to data compiled by the Ministry of Labour. A figure that is steadily rising and that raises the concern of many observers especially with unemployment that continues to grow in the country.

06 Aug 2013,

Tourism: 'Mismatch' Paradox On Labour Market

The mismatch between demand and supply on the labor market is, once again, revealed by the HRDC. Thus, the various studies by the HRDC have all highlighted this 'mismatch' in sectors such as construction, ICT / BPO, manufacturing, financial services, agriculture.

23 Nov 2012,

Women Earn Less than Men in Mauritius

Working women in Mauritius earn lower income than men, with a monthly average income of 11,000 Mauritius Rupees (US$341) for women compared to 16,400 Mauritian Rupees (US$509) for men, a census result focusing on gender statistics has revealed.

23 Nov 2012,