Landslide Mauritius

Sierra Leone Braces for More Flooding as Mudslide Victims Buried

Sierra Leone is bracing for more floods as the country is burying the casualties of a mudslide that killed hundreds of people in the capital, Freetown.

17 Aug 2017,

More than 250 dead in Colombia mudslides

There are no more people officially missing after mudslides in Colombia killed at least 254, the country's president said Sunday.

03 Apr 2017,

China Landslide: Rescuers Search for 91 People Still Missing

Hundreds of rescue workers are looking for survivors after a landslide hit 33 buildings in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen.

21 Dec 2015,

Death Toll after Guatemala Landslide Tops 130

The gangly arms of four backhoes dug through a mound of sandy soil that had buried many of the residents of El Cambray alive in a landslide.

05 Oct 2015,

Alerte Glissement de Terrain à Chitrakoot: Six Maisons Fissures

Chitrakoot est en état d’alerte. Ce village a été le théâtre d’un affaissement du sol hier, mardi 20 janvier, suite aux récentes averses, et serait menacé par un glissement de terrain.

21 Jan 2015,

Glissement de Terrain: Entre Frisson et Indignation à Chitrakoot

Un glissement de terrain survenu, mardi après-midi, à la rue Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, Chitrakoot, Vallée-des-Prêtres, a suscité la frayeur chez de nombreux habitants.

21 Jan 2015,

Indonesia landslide: Many Missing in Java

At least 18 people have died and more than 90 are missing after a landslide on Indonesia's main island of Java.

14 Dec 2014,

Twin Landslides Site That Killed at Least 2,000 Afghans Declared a Mass Grave

A double landslide that first buried an Afghanistan village and then hundreds of rescuers is a mass grave holding thousands of people after authorities found that digging for bodies in 50 meters of mud and rock was impossible, officials said Saturday.

05 May 2014,

14 Dead, 176 Missing in Washington State Landslide

The number of dead and missing after a deadly weekend landslide in rural Washington grew Monday as hope of finding any more survivors dwindled.

25 Mar 2014,

Landslide: Hundred Houses in the Country Threatened

Over a hundred houses are in danger in many parts of the country, because of possible landslides. Indeed, thirty-seven locations were identified as vulnerable to landslides, but for now there are mainly three areas of concern to the authorities, including the Quatre-Sœurs, Chitrakoot and Vallée-Pitot in Port Louis.

21 Jan 2014,