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Lenovo lays off hundreds more from Moto phone division

Lenovo today confirmed that it is laying off a significant number of employees. The company says that the layoffs impact “less than 2 percent of its 55,000 employees” across the world, and that the majority of the layoffs are from the mobile phone division.

27 Sep 2016, business.mega.mu

Lenovo Launches Smartphone That Senses Spaces With 'Terminator Vision'

Chinese company builds spacially aware smartphone using Google-derived Project Tango technology along with new super-skinny, modular flagship

10 Jun 2016, business.mega.mu

Why Google Just Sold Motorola to Lenovo for $3 Billion

Well this is unexpected. Google is selling Motorola, the iconic handset maker it bought for $12.5 billion in May of 2012, to Chinese PC maker Lenovo for $2.91 billion. Google CEO Larry Page has penned a short note about the sale, but he doesn’t get into details. Here’s why the deal makes sense.

30 Jan 2014, business.mega.mu