Liberia Mauritius

NBC Cameraman Infected with Ebola

A 33-year-old American working in Liberia as a freelance cameraman for NBC News has been infected with Ebola and will be flown back to the US, the network says.

03 Oct 2014,

Ebola Case Stokes Concerns for Liberians in Texas

The first case of Ebola diagnosed in the U.S. has been confirmed in a man who recently traveled from Liberia to Dallas, sending chills through the area's West African community whose leaders urged caution to prevent spreading the virus.

01 Oct 2014,

Ebola Outbreak Is a ‘Serious Threat’ to Liberia’s Existence, Says Minister

The epidemic reveals the nation's "persistent and profound institutional weaknesses"

10 Sep 2014,

Ebola Virus Crisis Worsens for Lack of Global Help

Nations With Resources Have Offered Only a Trickle of Aid

30 Aug 2014,

Ebola Crisis: Liberia Confirms West Point Patients Missing

Seventeen suspected Ebola patients are "missing" in Liberia after a health centre in the capital was attacked, the government says.

19 Aug 2014,

Liberia: Ebola Fears Rise as Clinic is Looted

Liberian officials fear Ebola could soon spread through the capital’s largest slum after residents raided a quarantine center for suspected patients and took items including bloody sheets and mattresses.

18 Aug 2014,

Ebola Crisis: Guinea Closes Borders with Sierra Leone and Liberia

Authorities said the decision was taken primarily to prevent infected people crossing into Guinea, where hundreds have died of Ebola virus disease

11 Aug 2014,

Ebola Outbreak Feeds on Fear, Anger, Rumors

As the number of new infections and deaths rise in the Ebola outbreak, fear and suspicion is rising, too, making it more difficult for health care workers to get the sick into hospitals, even as increasingly angry crowds are calling for more government action.

03 Aug 2014,

Peace Corps, Aid Groups Evacuate Personnel From Ebola-Hit West Africa

Organizations Pull Staff, Volunteers From Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea as Deadly Virus Spreads

31 Jul 2014,

Liberia Closes Its Borders to Stop Ebola

The deadliest Ebola outbreak in history continues to plague West Africa as leaders scramble to stop the virus from spreading.

29 Jul 2014,

Two Americans Stricken With Deadly Ebola Virus in Liberia

An American doctor and an aid worker working for two charitable groups fighting Ebola in Liberia have both become infected with the deadly virus, one of the groups confirmed on Sunday.

28 Jul 2014,

American Doctor in Liberia Infected With Ebola

An American doctor trying to quell the Ebola outbreak in Liberia is now infected with the virus, the organization for which he works said.

27 Jul 2014,