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MH370 : un ingénieur australien affirme avoir découvert des débris de l'avion près de l'île Ronde

L'avion MH370 de la Malaysia Airlines aurait-il été abattu ? Cette hypothèse fait le tour du Net après que le journal britannique Daily Star a publié, samedi 17 mars, les recherches d'un ingénieur mécanique australien. Peter McMahon affirme avoir aperçu des débris de l'avion disparu près de l'île Ronde et de Rodrigues.

19 Mar 2018,

Malaysia Airlines First to Track Fleet With Satellites

Malaysia Airlines, which lost a wide-body jet with 239 people aboard three years ago in one of history’s most enduring aviation mysteries, has become the first airline to sign an agreement for space-based flight tracking of its aircraft.

19 Apr 2017,

Flight MH370 Update: Suspected Plane Interior Debris Found In Mauritius, Australia To Examine ‘Item Of Interest’

The Australian government said Sunday that a new piece of debris found on a Mauritian island last week will be examined by officials to see if it came from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. The discovery comes as several suspected plane debris were found over the last few weeks near South Africa.

04 Apr 2016,

Rodrigues: Découverte d’un Débris d’Avion

Un des débris susceptibles de provenir du Boeing 777 malaisien disparu en mars 2014 a été découvert, mercredi 30 mars, par Jean Dominique Vitry et son épouse, Suzy.

01 Apr 2016,

Le Débris d’Avion Retrouvé à La Réunion Appartient «Avec Certitude» au MH370

La justice française a affirmé jeudi, un mois après les autorités malaisiennes, que le fragment d’aile d’avion retrouvé fin juillet à La Réunion, provenait «avec certitude» du Boeing 777 de la Malaysia Airlines.

04 Sep 2015,

A l’Ilot Gabriel: des Eléments de la NCG Repêchent un Morceau de Valise

Depuis le fragment d’avion retrouvé à l’île de la Réunion, toute découverte suspecte dans l’océan fait penser au MH370, disparu en 2014 avec 239 personnes à son bord.

10 Aug 2015,

Malaysian Official: More Plane Debris Found on Reunion Island

Malaysia's transport minister said Thursday that a Malaysian team in the French territory of Reunion Island had collected other plane debris, including a window and some aluminum foil.

06 Aug 2015,

Maurice Participe aux Recherches d’Eventuels Débris du Vol MH370: Reportage à Bord du Dornier

Maurice participe aux recherches en vue de retrouver d’éventuels débris du vol MH370 de la Malaysia Airlines, disparu le 8 mars 2014. Cela fait suite à une requête du gouvernement malaisien.

04 Aug 2015,

MH370: Amid Wait for Plane Part Analysis, Islanders Search for More Debris

Steve Wang still listens sometimes to the last voice mail his mother left for him before she boarded Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. In the message, she asked her son to bring her coat when he came to meet her at Beijing airport on March 8, 2014.

03 Aug 2015,

Débris d’Avion à La Réunion: «Presque Sûr que ce Flaperon Provient d’un Boeing 777»

Des enquêteurs spécialisés étaient en route jeudi pour l’île de La Réunion pour déterminer si un débris d’avion découvert le long de sa côte appartient au Boeing 777 de la Malaysia Airlines disparu depuis le 8 mars 2014.

30 Jul 2015,

Debris Found in Reunion Appears Similar to Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane

American investigators have concluded that a large object that washed up Wednesday on the shore of Réunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean, came from a Boeing 777, making it likely that it was debris from Flight 370, the Malaysia Airlines jetliner that disappeared in March 2014.

30 Jul 2015,

MH17 Disaster: Russians 'Controlled BUK Missile System'

Russians were operating a BUK missile launcher seen in the area where the Malaysia Airlines passenger jet MH17 was shot down, eyewitnesses have told Panorama.

09 Sep 2014,

Netherlands Mourns as Bodies of MH17 Plane Crash Victims Are Flown Home

Dutch royals and premier Mark Rutte join relatives at Eindhoven airport to receive 40 coffins arriving from Ukraine disaster site

24 Jul 2014,

U.S. Officials Lay Out Case Against Russians

Washington Seeks to Counter Russian Claims About MH17 Crash

23 Jul 2014,

Russia’s Top 10 Lies About Downed Malaysia Airliner

The tragic downing of a Malaysian passenger plane sent Putin’s elaborate propaganda machine into overdrive, ultimately causing it to unravel. The evidence points overwhelmingly at the terrorists, whose leaders are Russian citizens, current and former members of the Russian armed forces and FSB.

23 Jul 2014,

Ukraine Says Russian Officer Pushed the Button to Shoot Down MH17

Vitaly Nayda, Ukraine's director of informational security, told CNN on Tuesday that he is certain a Russian officer personally pushed the button to shoot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Moscow has denied claims that it pulled the trigger.

22 Jul 2014,

Missile Downs Malaysia Airlines Plane Over Ukraine, Killing 298; Kiev Blames Rebels

A suspected Russian-made surface-to-air missile downed a Malaysia Airlines jet in a separatist-controlled corner of eastern Ukraine on Thursday, prompting the Ukrainian government to denounce an “act of terror” that killed all 298 people on board.

18 Jul 2014,

Malaysia Airlines Jet Crashes in Ukraine

A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur with 295 people aboard crashed Thursday in Ukraine near the Russian border after reportedly being hit by a missile, according to an adviser to Ukraine's interior ministry.

17 Jul 2014,

Malaysia Airlines Passenger Plane Crashes in Ukraine

MALAYSIAN Airlines passenger plane with 295 people has crashed in Ukraine today. The Boeing 777 went down near the Russian border according to an aviation industry source.

17 Jul 2014,

Malaysia Jet Most Likely on Autopilot When It Crashed, Australia Says

Malaysia Airlines (MASM.KL) Flight MH370 was most likely on autopilot when it crashed into the Indian Ocean further south than previously thought, Australian officials said on Thursday, as they charted the next phase of a so far fruitless search.

26 Jun 2014,

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