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Air Mauritius propose un tarif à Rs 8,000 vers Kuala Lumpur

La compagnie nationale d'aviation lance ce mercredi 22 février un tarif spécial «One Way» Maurice-Kuala Lumpur à Rs 8 000 hors-taxes ou Kuala Lumpur-Maurice à 1 000 ringgits hors-taxes.

23 Feb 2017,

Kim Jong-un's older half-brother 'assassinated by female North Korean spies with poison needle'

Kim Jong -nam, the half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, has been killed at an airport in Malaysia by "poison needle-wielding" North Korean agents, according to South Korean media.

14 Feb 2017,

UBS, DBS, Falcon face Singapore scrutiny over 1MDB transactions: Sources

Singapore's central bank is scrutinising several banks, including UBS and DBS Group Holdings, to see if they broke anti-money laundering rules in handling transactions linked to scandal-hit Malaysian state fund 1MDB, three people with knowledge of the matter said.

21 Jul 2016,

Vol Inaugural d’AirAsia X: Rs 6 150 Pour Un Aller Simple En Malaisie

La Malaisie est une destination très privilégiée surtout pour le shopping. Cette ville d’Asie devient encore plus accessible grâce à la compagnie low cost AirAsia X qui assurera, à partir du 5 octobre, la desserte Kuala Lumpur-Maurice.

09 Jun 2016,

Saudi Gift to Malaysia PM Najib Razak 'for Election Campaign'

The $681m (£479m) deposited in the bank account of Malaysian PM Najib Razak by Saudi Arabia was to help him win the 2013 elections, a Saudi source says.

27 Jan 2016,

The Scandal That Ate Malaysia

The near collapse of a state-owned company has rocked the government, rattled investors, and stirred public outrage.

22 Jul 2015,

New Video of Flight 17 Crash Emerges 1 Year Later

Residents of the Ukrainian village where a Malaysian airliner was shot down with 298 people aboard marked the disaster's anniversary Friday, as new video showed Russian-backed rebels rummaging through the charred plane's wreckage soon after the crash.

17 Jul 2015,

Malaysia Jet Most Likely on Autopilot When It Crashed, Australia Says

Malaysia Airlines (MASM.KL) Flight MH370 was most likely on autopilot when it crashed into the Indian Ocean further south than previously thought, Australian officials said on Thursday, as they charted the next phase of a so far fruitless search.

26 Jun 2014,

Aussie Official "Optimistic": Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Will Be Found, and Soon

A ship searching for the missing Malaysian Airlines jet has detected two more underwater signals that may be emanating from the aircraft's black boxes, and the Australian official in charge of the search expressed hope Wednesday that the plane's wreckage will soon be found.

09 Apr 2014,

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Australian Ship Picks Up Signals

An Australian navy vessel picked up two extended signals from deep underwater in the past 24 hours, in what authorities said was the best lead yet in a monthlong search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

07 Apr 2014,

Malaysia Airlines: British Ship Races to Search Site as New Claims Emerge About Missing Flight

Search teams were investigating reports of three possible ‘pings’ on Sunday, as a senior Malaysian official claimed Flight MH370 may have been ‘purposely’ steered around Indonesian airspace in order to avoid radar detection as it flew to the southern Indian Ocean

06 Apr 2014,

Flight 370 Search: 'It Could Take Months, It Could Take Years'

Many have pointed to lessons learned -- and heeded -- from the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

03 Apr 2014,

'Every Little Thing' Under Scrutiny in Malaysia Airlines Probe

Absent any explanation supported by evidence for what may have happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the inspector general of Malaysian police said Wednesday that authorities were redoubling their efforts -- but he pleaded for patience.

02 Apr 2014,

MH370: New Last Words From Cockpit: 'Good Night Malaysian Three Seven Zero'

They were words heard around the world as investigators searched for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. Weeks ago, Malaysian authorities said the last message from the airplane cockpit was, "All right, good night."

01 Apr 2014,

MH370: New Object Sightings Fuel Hopes, but Families Demand 'Truth'

As the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 turned up fresh potential clues, dozens of anguished Chinese relatives on Sunday demanded that Malaysia provide them with evidence on the fate of their loved ones aboard the missing 777.

30 Mar 2014,

New Speed Data Shifts Search for Missing Malaysian Jetliner Nearly 700 Miles

The search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 shifted to another section of the southern Indian Ocean on Friday after new analysis by investigators indicated that the aircraft was traveling faster than previously thought — and therefore ran out of fuel much sooner.

28 Mar 2014,

Weather Frustrates Hunt for Missing Malaysian Jetliner

Severe weather on Thursday halted an air and sea search for a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet presumed crashed in the southern Indian Ocean, frustrating hopes of finding what new satellite images showed could be a large debris field.

27 Mar 2014,

Yet More Objects Sighted in Search for Flight 370

Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency (MRSA) received new satellite images from France that were taken on March 23. The images showed 122 potential objects in one area of the ocean.

26 Mar 2014,

'They Have Told Us All Lives Are Lost,' Says Relative of Malaysia Airlines Passenger

Family members of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 passengers and crew heard the news they feared most Monday: "All lives are lost."

25 Mar 2014,

Chinese and Australian Aircraft Spot Objects in Malaysia Airlines MH370 Southern Search Area

Two objects potentially related to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have been spotted by a Royal Australian Air Force P-3 Orion in the southern Indian Ocean search area.

24 Mar 2014,

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