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How to Criticize Employees: 6 Rules

Sometimes a kick in the butt can be more effective than a pat on the back. Even if you're an experienced executive, it's likely you often find it very difficult to tell other people where they need to improve.

21 Nov 2012,

Maintain Control When Conducting a Job Interview

When interviewing a job candidate, your goal is to learn as much as possible so you can make an informed decision. It’s your job to keep the conversation focused and encourage the candidate to talk.

20 Nov 2012,

Make the Firing Process Easier

It’s inevitable: At some point, you’re going to have to fire folks. This is really difficult for a variety of reasons. Here are some ways of looking at it and tactics that may help make this sensitive issue a bit easier.

16 Nov 2012,

Toss the Old Rules for Selling

The recession challenged many long-held rules about how to boost sales. Instead of slashing prices and cutting customer support teams, try these counterintuitive tactics:

15 Nov 2012,

How to Sell Yourself in 15 Seconds or Less

Finding a job in this economy is difficult and competitive. Make sure you can pitch yourself effectively, even when you've got nothing more than an elevator ride with a potential employer to make your case. Use these tips to sell yourself in 15 seconds or less:

14 Nov 2012,

Three Questions to Answer Before You Look for a New Job

Whether you're out of work or contemplating a change, rethinking what you want to do with your life can be a valuable experience. It's never too late to wonder, "What do I want to be when I grow up?" Here are three questions to ask yourself to help you define what's next:

14 Nov 2012,

10 Leadership Practices to Stop Today

If you want to be the best in your industry, you have to get rid of your outdated management style. You might not feel it day-to-day, but business management is in a major transition.

13 Nov 2012,

Boosting Employee Compensation without Raises

Money is everyone’s first choice as a reward for a job well done, but for a startup looking to stretch its funds, it’s not always easy to hand out raises that are as generous as you’d like.

12 Nov 2012,

4 Ways to Improve Your Business Networking

As small business owners and consultants, we understand the importance of networking. Your ability to schmooze, to meet people, and to create relationships will very often determine your success in business and how far you’re able to take your company.

09 Nov 2012,

Management Tips: Get Your Colleagues’ Attention

To capture any audience’s attention, you must frame your message properly. Whether you’re making a presentation, composing an email, or talking with your boss, here’s how to convey your idea:

08 Nov 2012,

Management Tip: Three Tips for Getting Out of Your Boss' Shadow

Keeping your boss happy is an important tactic for building your career. But sometimes being a good subordinate leaves you in your boss' shadow. It's difficult to move up in an organization if you are consistently thought of as part of your boss' team and not as an individual contributor. Try these three approaches for standing out on your own:

05 Nov 2012,

Management Tip: Three Steps to Give Your Team the Direction It Needs

All too often, people work really hard on a project without fully understanding how their efforts contribute to the organization's overall goals. Next time your team isn't sure where it's headed, take these three steps:

02 Nov 2012,

Three Things to Do if You Feel Stuck in Your Job

The number of people feeling stuck in their jobs rose as the recession put promotions on hold and crippled the job market. But there is no reason to endure a job you don't like or that doesn't challenge you.

01 Nov 2012,

Management Tip: Make a Job Offer That They’ll Accept

If you’ve found the perfect candidate for your open position, you need to offer the job in a way that encourages that person to accept it.

31 Oct 2012,

Presentation Coming? Know These Things About Your Audience

You need to understand people on a somewhat personal level to develop a presentation that resonates with them. But how? Start by asking yourself these questions, and use your answers to tailor your speech:

29 Oct 2012,

Position Your Startup for the Long-Term

When starting a new business, there’s a strong temptation to make decisions for the short term. But you need to anticipate the long-term challenges. There are three things it’s critical to get right:

25 Oct 2012,