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Elon Musk dismisses Mark Zuckerberg’s understanding of AI threat as ‘limited’

The war between AI and humanity may be a long a way off, but the war between tech billionaire and tech billionaire is only just beginning. Today on Twitter, Elon Musk dismissed Mark Zuckerberg’s understanding of the threat posed by artificial intelligence as “limited,” after the Facebook founder disparaged comments Musk made on the subject earlier this month.

25 Jul 2017,

Mark Zuckerberg’s humanitarian manifesto

Are we building the world we all want?” That’s a question often reserved for the lips of presidents and religious leaders, and too rarely asked by CEOs. But technology has risen as a force that unites us, alongside government and faith. So too must captains of industry rise to accept their opportunity of influence, for the betterment of humanity in one of its most volatile moments.

17 Feb 2017,

Mark Zuckerberg is officially in a relationship with Priscilla Chan

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is among the billionaire bachelors who aren’t actually eligible. He’s been dating girlfriend Priscilla Chan since college, but you wouldn’t have known it from his Facebook... Read more »

24 Mar 2011, KotZot