Marketing Mauritius

Clicks Versus Bricks: The Battle for the High Street

Could social media and e-commerce provide the road to salvation for beleaguered High Street retailers? In Britain, shopkeepers figure you can beat them – but how?

14 May 2013,

Dramatically Increase Your Revenue: 6 Tips

Want to find hidden opportunities? Ask your customers these questions--but only after you've made the sale.

06 Apr 2013,

Why Small Data May Be Bigger Than Big Data

Forget punch cards. How smart businesses can connect with customers to create loyalty.

02 Apr 2013,

If You Build It, Will They Come?

Here are three simple steps to see if there is a market for your new product or service.

28 Mar 2013,

How to Evaluate a Market Strategy

These seven characteristics of market strategies actually generate sales.

21 Mar 2013,

The Marketer's Guide to Instagram

Despite facing plenty of controversy over its proposed Terms of Service changes, Instagram remains a hot site for both users and the marketers who want to capitalize on its popularity. If you've never used it before, Instagram is one part Flickr and one part Twitter: essentially a community in which users take and share photos with one another.

07 Mar 2013,

What Should We Call Me? 6 Steps to Naming Your Company

At some point, “this really exciting new company I’m starting” needs a name. And while you may be lucky enough to have the perfect moniker fly into your head while drinking coffee one morning, you also may not be. In which case, the process can be daunting. Where do you even begin?

31 Jan 2013,

How Much Did That New Customer Cost You?

Every business should look at its cost of customer acquisition twice a year and after each campaign. The old business adage goes, "You can't manage what you don't measure." Yet we fail to measure these costs all the time. We seldom take the time to see how effective our marketing was.

16 Jan 2013,

Beyond Basic Stats: 7 Ways to Track Visitors

Having good visitor intelligence will allow you to market to your customers and optimize your website on a completely different level than before. Most people never look beyond the surface with their visitor intelligence.

26 Dec 2012,

Warning: Your Visual Message Is Just As Important

It’s difficult to figure out the right image for your small business if you don’t know what the right message is. Whether it’s a blog post in need of a picture, your primary logo, a product design or an infographic to highlight a point or process. Any image you use in association with your company has to say something that matters to your target audience.

05 Dec 2012,

How to Build a Killer Content Marketing Strategy

Look at the pace that the term ‘content marketing’ has moved into the vernacular of marketers, as measured by Google search volume. Although content marketing has been bandied about as a term for several years, its recent hike in popularity is not actually much of a surprise.

04 Dec 2012,

4 Steps to Creating Buzz on a Shoestring Budget

A lot of business owners ask me about effective marketing, in terms of cost and result. I often get the sense that they want me to offer a one-size-fits-all formula. Unfortunately, it’s just not that simple.

02 Nov 2012,

E-marketing is Growing

Electronic marketing, or e-marketing, is growing. Moreover, at its conference on marketing 3.0, Monday, February 27 at straws, the American Professor Philip Kotler has explained that his concept fully integrates the digitization of communication with customers.

01 Mar 2012,

Social media workshop in Mauritius

Social networks are attracting a large number of people

25 Aug 2011,

SMEDA signed a memorandum with hotels

The MoU will formally regulate the agreement between SMEDA and AHRIM enabling tourists to exhibit their products in hotels

14 Jul 2011,

Emirates promotes Mauritius

Emirates Airlines is doing its bit to increase the arrivals of tourists in Mauritius

03 Jun 2011,

Rs100 million to attract French tourists to Mauritius

For the first time the campaign will include a television advert of 20 seconds to be produced by French company

02 Jun 2011,

L’Emtel Facebook Contest lancé

27 May 2011,

MTPA invites travel agents from Jordan

Nine travel agents from Jordan are currently on the island for a familiarisation trip

25 May 2011,

Séminaire sur le marketing

Il sera dispensé les 28 et 29 avril à l’hôtel Link, Ébène

18 Apr 2011,