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Oil Spirals Below Zero in ‘Devastating Day’ for Global Industry

The day started like any other gloomy Monday in the oil market’s worst crisis in a generation.

21 Apr 2020,

Sondage Sur Les Légumes : Quatre-Bornes, Le Marché Le Moins Cher

Saviez-vous que la pomme de terre est le légume le moins cher ? Saviez-vous que Curepipe est le bazar le plus cher ? C’est ce qui ressort du nouveau sondage de Retail Scan Services intitulé « Pricescan fruits et légumes bazars » rendu public cette semaine.

01 Aug 2017,

D’ici septembre : le marché de quatre-bornes en voie de démolition

Les procédures pour la démolition de la foire de Quatre-Bornes ont été enclenchées. Un exercice d’appel d’offres a déjà été lancé.

23 Aug 2016,

Britain's Financial Sector Reels After Brexit Bombshell

Britain's 2.2 million financial industry workers face years of uncertainty and the risk of thousands of job cuts after the country voted to quit the European Union, leaving question marks over London's status as Europe's premier financial center.

24 Jun 2016,

Goodlands: le nouveau marché se fait attendre

En novembre 2014, les habitants de Goodlands ainsi que les marchands opérant au marché de la localité voyaient poindre une lueur d’espoir à l’horizon.

10 May 2016,

Goodlands: Polémique Autour du Nouveau Marché

Le 5 octobre 2014, l’ancien ministre des Infrastructures publiques, Anil Bachoo, accompagné de Lormus Bundhoo et de Mukeshwar Choonee, a procédé à la pose de la première pierre d’un nouveau marché à Goodlands.

20 Oct 2015,

Un Marché Tout Neuf à Rivière-des-Anguilles

Le gouvernement a investi Rs 50 millions pour aménager un marché tout neuf à Rivière-des-Anguilles.

30 Sep 2015,

The National Market Project Finally on Track

Long ago announced the construction of a national market for the sale of fruits and vegetables seems finally moving in the right direction.

21 Jan 2014,

Lallmatie Will Have a Modern Market

No more traffic jams in the center of Lallmatie Wednesday and Sunday, or on fair days. This large village of East was equipped with a modern market. It is located in the New Market Road, approximately one kilometer from the village center.

08 Jan 2014,

Trade / Investment Promotional Missions In Nigeria And Ghana

The Board of Investment in collaboration with Enterprise Mauritius, take the next two weeks focusing on trade and investment promotion mission to Lagos and Accra, capital of Nigeria and Ghana.

16 Sep 2013,

The Downturn Of The Indian Rupee

The Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh tried to reassure the Lok Sabha on the state of Indian economy on Friday, 30 August 2013 underlining the concern of his government and his reassurance of a quick recovery in the next six months.

10 Sep 2013,

Investment, Promotion: The BOI Is Activated To Hold The Private Equity Conference

The BOI actively preparing the third edition of Private Equity Conference held on 12 and 13 September at the Hilton Hotel and the theme "Connecting Global Investors with African Opportunities."

06 Sep 2013,

New Web Portal For Importers and Exporters

A new address for those who want to engage in import and export: This is the Mauritius Trade Portal that provides information on trade and business sectors mine.

09 Aug 2013,

National Wholesale Market Operational Soon

New at Vacoas, a region famous not only for its abundance of vegetables and fruits, but also for their freshness. Producers will soon sell their products in a better environment and better profitability.

26 Jun 2013,

Flacq Market: Nice Infrastructure But ...

You can not please everyone! This is the case for the market brand new Centre de Flacq, supposed to be a gem. Beautiful infrastructure but not planning to fully develop the merchants, whether those who sell vegetables, 'dholl puris' and bread in the foodcourt or artisans Craft Market.

27 Feb 2013,

Appliances: And Best Sellers in Shops Are ...

What are the products that Mauritians buy more in appliance stores in this festive season? What are the best sellers? A brief overview.

24 Dec 2012,

Consumption: Mauritians are Turning to Low-Priced Products

If fifteen years ago, the products of the brands were rated in 2012, are those sub-brands that are most popular. There are three categories of consumers. A for "Upper Middle Class", B for "Middle Class" and C for'"Lower Middle Class".

12 Nov 2012,

Flacq : Pagaille À L’ouverture Du Marché

Véritable cacophonie à l’ouverture du marché de Flacq, ce mercredi 24 octobre.L’aménagement d’une Potato Zone a provoqué l’ire des marchands.

24 Oct 2012,

410 Traders Fined

Dishonest traders, beware! The officers of the Consumer Protection Unit (CPU) are at work. Nothing that from January to date, they verbalized over 1000 merchants and 410 of them were fined.

28 Aug 2012,

Un Nouveau Marché Bientôt Opérationnel à Centre de Flacq

Un marché flambant neuf sera prochainement disponible à Centre de Flacq pour les habitants de l’Est. Le coût du projet est estimé à Rs 140 millions. L’initiative revient au conseil de districts de Moka-Flacq.

12 Jul 2012,

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