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Air Seychelles Schedules More Flights to Mumbai and Mauritius

Air Seychelles will expand its regional flights to both Mumbai, India and Mauritius, two cities the airline already serves.

29 Dec 2015,

Raj Dayal Annonce un Audit sur l’Allocation des Plages

«L’allocation des terres de l’Etat ainsi que des plages doit se faire selon des normes établies.» Raj Dayal, ministre de l’Environnement, s’intéresse de près aux terrains en bordure des plages, alloués à des proches de l’ancien gouvernement.

24 Dec 2014,

Expatriés Domiciliés à Maurice : À l’Aube d’une Nouvelle Vie…

Un beau jour, ces personnes venues des quatre coins du globe décident de quitter leur pays natal pour poser leurs valises à Maurice. Une île lointaine qui leur était souvent, au départ, inconnue.

31 Jul 2014,

The Large Carriers Are Entering The SSR Airport

Thanks to recent infrastructure developments, widebody will shortly entering the international Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (SSR) Airport. Thus, from December 16, an Airbus A380 aircraft will Emirates Dubai daily journey Maurice.

06 Sep 2013,

Asian Countries Interested in the Mauritian Tuna

Tuna fish Mauritius is popular in countries such as Japan, Russia, and more recently, South Korea. Japan and South Korea want to make their ships come to the country for refueling and plan to open even locate plants on our soil.

17 Jul 2013,

From Monday: Bread at the Same Price as White Bread

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Consumer Protection released Friday, his picture on the new price of bread. Two things to remember: the price of bread from Monday, the same price as white bread while other prices remain unchanged.

02 Jul 2013,

Mauritius Has Gone ‘Extra Mile’ for India Tax Treaty: Minister

Hopeful of reaching an agreement soon on the long-pending revision of tax treaty with India, Mauritius says it has gone ‘extra mile’ to ensure that the pact does not get misused for illicit activities like money laundering and round-tripping of funds.

21 May 2013,