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Services financiers: mieux connaître les types de compagnies

La polémique entourant le statut de Planet Earth Institute Ltd, institution philanthropique enregistrée à Londres, a démontré une certaine méconnaissance sur les types de compagnies et leurs rôles. Le Défi Économie explique les types de compagnies.

23 Mar 2017,

ICT Skills Development Programme : Quatre Nouvelles Formations Dans le BPO

Les professionnels du secteur des Technologies de l’information et de la communication (Tic) n’ont de cesse de le répéter : ils peinent à trouver des employés qualifiés selon leurs attentes.

04 Aug 2014,

EIILM Mauritian Branch Campus: Chairman of UGC Claims that He Never Gave Green Light

Indian Ved Prakash, currently in Mauritius, claims that he never authorized the Eastern Institute of Integrated Learning Management (EIILM) to operate in Mauritius. He expresses, however, his desire to find a solution.

20 Nov 2013,

Sondage—Transparency Mauritius: « Un Jeune sur Trois Corruptibles à Maurice »

Les résultats d’une étude menée par Moriscopie Transparency Mauritius, compagnie affiliée à Transparency International, sur la corruption chez les jeunes ont été rendus publics. Sur les 558 interviewés, âgés de 18 à 29 ans, il ressort qu’un Mauricien sur trois serait corruptible.

13 Nov 2013,

Budget 2014: Taxes Which Will Affect Your Wallet

Series of measures in terms of taxation. As in previous years, the Minister of Finance wanted to ease the burden on taxpayers. And as was expected, the excise duty on cigarettes and alcohol are also increased

09 Nov 2013,

Guernsey Maurice: A Double Taxation Agreement Signed Soon

A double taxation agreement will soon be signed between Guernsey and the Republic of Mauritius.

22 Aug 2013,

Seafood Hub: Rs 12 Billion in Revenue this Year

Seafood Hub sector has the wind in its sails. Forecasts indicate that growth in exports of about 30% is expected this year in this sector. This situation can be explained largely by the modern port facilities that exist in the port, new investment in this sector and the interest of importers for Mauritian products because they meet international standards.

03 Jul 2013,

Top 100 Companies: Four Banks Among the Top Ten Most Profitable Companies

They manage to get off the hook despite the crisis. Better yet, four banks: MCB, SBM, HSBC and the "Standard Chartered Bank" are the first ten podium in terms of profitability, in a ranking by "Business Publications Ltd.."

03 Jul 2013,

ICT Report 2012, Internet: 568,900 Registered Subscribers

The mobile Internet is growing faster than fixed internet. This is what emerges from the annual report on the sector of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) published by Statistics Mauritius on Friday.

03 Jul 2013,

MID Commission: Rs 1.9 Million for 29 Workshops

From June 2011 to May 2012, the Committee Maurice Ile Durable (MID) has organized 29 workshops. This at a cost of Rs 1852 245.75. About 300 people attended these meetings organized within the framework of the development of the MID project action plan, which was released last Thursday.

26 Jun 2013,

Plankton: The Upgraded Glass

Plankton started as a community project in Bel Ombre Foundation for Empowerment (BOFE) in 2011 with the help of different hotels. Established by a group of locals, the company's main activity is the recycling and recovery of glass bottles.

31 May 2013,

PRB 2013: "Frustration and Working Conditions Unexciting"

The Office Clerk Branch, Ministry of Social Security and National Identity Card Unit, affiliated to the Government Service Employees Association (GSEA), discusses working conditions unexciting and frustration, after the publication of the Errors & Omissions Pay Research Bureau (PRB) 2013.

31 May 2013,

Primary: New Schedule

The primary host Monday a new schedule. The new format was finalized Thursday and school masters will learn on Friday.

31 May 2013,

2nd Show Training and Trade: Sustainable Development is Heart of Business

Three days, 40 stands, ten sectors, a conference debate and exhibition and sale. The second room training and trades will be held this year from June 6 to 8 in Malabar.

31 May 2013,

Qatar and UAE Recruit

Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Dubai recruit qualified Mauritian workers and professionals, including doctors, paramedics, accountants and lawyers. In this regard, an agreement between Qatar and Mauritius to regulate the employment of Mauritians in this country has been signed.

31 May 2013,

Three More Arrests in Case Sunkai

The arrests follow one another in the context of the police investigation on financial scams. This Thursday, May 16, three suspected agents of the company Sunkai were arrested. They are provisionally charged with conspiracy.

17 May 2013,

Rewards to Support Entrepreneurs

Enterprise Mauritius (EM) has indicated its intention to award the palm to the best exporting companies on the island this year, including those who have been innovative in their products while ensuring a sustained export. Therefore, EM invites Mauritian companies to register with the institution no later than June 30.

15 May 2013,

Night Hunting Could be Banned

Night hunting, the use of guns capable of firing several shots in succession and the use of traps to capture animals are prohibited. It is recommended that the Native Terrestrial Biodiversity and National Parks Bill which will soon be presented to the National Assembly. With this bill, hunters will not be allowed to use bait, explosives, weapons, poison, traps and missiles containing a detonator.

18 Apr 2013,

Harel Mallac: Turnover of Rs 4 Billion and Losses of Rs 98 Million

Time to restructure in Harel Mallac. The group, which has published its financial results Tuesday, launched a refocusing of its activities. The goal is to better manage the adverse effects of the global economic crisis and improve its future financial results.

03 Apr 2013,

Sugar: Mauritian Expertise Wanted

The MCIA is actively working on a report on the know-how for the Mauritian sugarcane industry in the region.

27 Nov 2012,

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