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Miss Mauritius: Murielle Ravina remporte la couronne

Elle succède à Bessika Bucktowar. Murielle Ravina est la nouvelle Miss Mauritius. La finale a eu lieu, samedi 23 septembre, au MGI à Moka. Les deux dauphines de Murielle Ravina, qui est d'origine Rodriguaise, sont Rishika Ramma et Urvashi Haurheeram.

25 Sep 2017, business.mega.mu

Controverse : Manjusha Faugoo interdite de participation à la finale de Miss International 2016

Élue Miss International Mauritius 2015, Manjusha Faugoo devait participer à la finale internationale qui se tiendra en octobre à Tokyo.

05 Sep 2016, business.mega.mu

Miss Mauritius 2016 : Bessika Bucktawor Remporte La Couronne

Elle s’appelle Bessika Bucktawor. Cette habitante de Triolet, âgée de 21 ans, a remporté le titre de Miss Mauritius 2016 lors de la finale du concours samedi soir 6 août au Club Med La Plantation d’Albion. Elles étaient 12 candidates en lice pour cette finale.

08 Aug 2016, business.mega.mu

Miss Mauritius: Découvrez Les 12 Finalistes

Elles sont 12 jeunes femmes qui sont en lice pour le titre de Miss Mauritius 2016. Elles ont été présentées à la presse mardi 28 juin au Hennessy Park Hotel à Ébène.

29 Jun 2016, business.mega.mu

Miss Mauritius : Danika Atchia Couronnée

Danika Atchia, 17 ans et habitant Moka, a raflé l’écharpe Miss Mauritius 2015 samedi soir 27 juin au Club Med La Plantation, Albion, et succède ainsi à Kushboo Ramnawaj.

28 Jun 2015, business.mega.mu

Miss Mauritius Contest: Enrollment Opened

Forward for Miss Mauritius National Pageant 2014! The official launch of the registration of participants in this competition took place on Thursday, March 20 at Hennessy Park in Ebony.

20 Mar 2014, business.mega.mu

Costume of Miss Mauritius Criticized

Miss Mauritius came in the form of a cocktail ... even with the umbrella . "A journalist from The Telegraph slammed the suit will Diya Beeltah during the Miss Universe.

06 Nov 2013, business.mega.mu

Exclusive pictures : The Mauritian national costume for Miss Universe 2013

After the indescribable costume of Miss Universe 2010, the toilet-paper based costume worn by Miss Universe 2011 and the recent dodo-head hat of Miss World Mauritius 2013, the national costume for the forthcoming Miss Universe 2013 has been presented to the press today.

10 Oct 2013, Yashvin, pages of my life

Pallavi Gungaram is Miss Mauritius 2013

Under the spotlight: Pallavi Gungaram 19 years. She is the new Miss Mauritius 2013. The ceremony was held Saturday evening, June 29, at J & J auditorium.

01 Jul 2013, business.mega.mu

I have not been able to watch Miss Mauritius 2013?s competition. Did you?

The Miss Mauritius 2013 winner was announced yesterday. Anything interesting I might have missed?

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Miss Mauritius 2013: Candidates Are Revealed

The 44th edition of Miss Mauritius contest Saturday unveiled to the public its 12 candidates. The presentation took place at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery in the Indian Ocean. The final is scheduled for June 29 at the J & J Auditorium in Phoenix. Sunday-The Weekly profiles the participants.

27 May 2013, business.mega.mu

Miss Mauritius 2013: Nominations Are Open

Miss Mauritius committee is again hard at work to select the most beautiful girls of our island for the beauty contest Miss Mauritius 2013. Registration for this year started last Thursday and will end on May 17.

26 Mar 2013, business.mega.mu

Miss Mauritius World traditional national costume presented

Miss Mauritius World Shalini Panchoo will grace the Miss World 2012 contest in two different outfits presented on Thursday by the Miss Mauritius National Organisation (MMNO). These include a traditional national costume created by Azhar Ackbar and Varsha Chukun from Fashion Design Institute (FDI) and an official evening gown to be worn during the grand [...]The post Miss Mauritius World traditional national costume presented appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

13 Jul 2012, KotZot

Miss Mauritius 2012 Diya Beeltah

Diya Beeltah a été élue Miss Mauritius et Miss Universe Mauritius 2012, le samedi 30 juin. Elle succède ainsi à Ameeksha Dilchand, gagnante en 2011. Nathalie Lesage devient pour sa part Miss World Mauritius. La nouvelle Miss Mauritius 2012 a été élue ce samedi 30 juin. Il s’agit de Diya Beeltah, une jeune habitante de [...]The post Miss Mauritius 2012 Diya Beeltah appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

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Miss Mauritius 2010 chose Miss Universe

"I was asked to choose between Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Intercontinental. I chose Miss Universe because I am very fluent in Spanish"

22 Aug 2011, business.mega.mu

Indian designer offers talent to Miss Mauritius

The Miss Mauritius 2011 grand finale, which will be held on August 6 at the J & J Auditorium, will welcome a new range of fashion garments sponsored and presented by the International Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT), Delhi. Leading fashion icon, founder and chairman of the IIFT, Ratnadeep Lal arrived in Mauritius on Wednesday. [...]

04 Aug 2011, The Independent Daily

Miss Mauritius 2011 finalists selected

Twelve lucky women have been selected for the final round of the Miss Mauritius 2011 pageant. The finalists were chosen from more than a hundred contestants from all over the country as well as Rodrigues. The 12 women were present at the official launch of the Miss Mauritius National Pageant 2011, held at Link Ebène [...]

11 Jul 2011, The Independent Daily

Miss Mauritius GB visits island as prize-winning trip

British born, Mauritian origin Melissa Nathoo has made the nation proud. Melissa, who was crowned Miss Mauritius Great Britain at the prestigious Wandsworth Town Hall in February, is reaching Mauritius on Thursday. There were 19 finalists and the runner-ups were Shikira Matabadal and Rebecca Mangaroo. Among other prizes, she was offered a ticket by Air [...]

09 Jun 2011, The Independent Daily

Miss Mauritius 2011

Ça y est, c’est officiel : la nouvelle campagne d’inscription pour Miss Mauritius 2011 est lancée ! Comme tous les ans, le comité recherche 12 femmes alliant élégance, beauté et... Read more »

30 May 2011, KotZot