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Mobile Gaming Development Trends In 2013

Hardcore gamers might insist that nothing beats the experience of playing on a console or PC, but it seems that mobile gaming is here to stay. More people purchase gaming apps than any other and 64 percent of gamers use their favorites daily. But any growing industry can’t remain stagnant.

27 Aug 2013,

Alleged Plot Around Money Transfer: High Part Of The MCB Questioned CCID

Dominique D'Unienville, Account Executive at the Mauritius Commercial Bank [MCB], was questioned Friday, August 23 at the premises of Central CID as part of an investigation into an alleged plot around a money transfer. He was allowed to return home after his interrogation.

27 Aug 2013,

China's Political Show Trial Exposes Dalian Tycoon. Can His Company Survive?

UPDATE: Xu testified in court Thursday. He said he’d given Bo’s family $3.2m to buy a villa in France; $16,000 for a vacation in Africa; $13,000 for an electrical bike; and paid off a $49,000 credit-card bill. Bo then cross-examined Xu and challenged his assertion that Bo was aware of these gifts to Bo’s wife and son. The trial continues Friday.

25 Aug 2013,

Mauritius Bank Warns Against International Lottery Scams

The Bank of Mauritius has warned citizens to beware of unsolicited emails, using the names of international lottery organisations, that are being sent to the island’s population with the intention to defraud them.

24 Aug 2013,

The World's Highest-Paid DJs 2013

Just a few years removed from bagging groceries in Scotland, Calvin Harris is now the world’s highest-paid DJ. He leads a cast of musicians collecting six-figure nightly checks for performing at nightspots from Las Vegas to Ibiza—and for other business ventures once reserved only for rock, rap and pop royalty. Read on to see the rest of the 12 top earners of the booming Electronic Dance Music genre.

22 Aug 2013,

How to Avoid Side Hustle Burnout

Starting your own business is hard enough. But trying to fit that business into nights or weekends after hours of full-time work at a day job can be downright exhausting.

22 Aug 2013,

The First Polymer Banknotes Launched at Mauritius

That's it! The first polymer banknotes were launched Thursday, August 22 at a ceremony at the Maritim Hotel in Balaclava.

22 Aug 2013,

Daddy's Girl: How An African 'Princess' Banked $3 Billion In A Country Living On $2 A Day

LAST DECEMBER Isabel dos Santos commemorated her tenth wedding anniversary to Congolese businessman Sindika Dokolo with a party.

21 Aug 2013,

They Pay For Tickets ... Fictitious

It is only once at the airport they would have understood the scam. These passengers say they have been cheated after paying for trips abroad they never have made. After several complaints, Shamima Auhammud, owner of the travel agency Acquire Travel and Tours, was arrested earlier this week.

20 Aug 2013,

Director Accused Of Having Swindled Rs 25 Million

The director of an import furniture company, a resident of Merville, 23, was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Grand Bay on Monday.

15 Aug 2013,

Liquidation RS Denim: The End Of Very Controversial Textile Giant

Tens of millions of rupees of public money had been injected into RS Denim to save the company a few years ago. In vain. The company will be dissolved on Monday morning.

15 Aug 2013,

Case Varma / Jeannot: The Role Of The Family Members of Jeannot Analyzed In Negotiations

After almost a month of calm, the investigation of the case Varma / Jeannot resumed. Until now, only the main protagonists in this case twists were interviewed by detectives from the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID).

13 Aug 2013,

Why India's Corporate Bigwigs Want to be Bankers

From Tata, Birla and Ambani to ambitious financial services entrepreneurs, everyone sees money in a banking licence. But cut to the core, and what you find is a clear play on the India growth story, and not much else.

06 Aug 2013,

Votre Argent: Combien Investir pour Construire une Maison

La construction d’une maison pour une famille de la classe moyenne peut coûter entre Rs 2 millions et Rs 2,6 millions. Comment est réparti ce coût ? Trois spécialistes ont sorti leur calculette et nous livrent grosso modo leurs estimations.

05 Aug 2013,

Just Say No: 7 Canned Responses to Use at Work

There are plenty of requests you should probably oblige.

28 Jul 2013,

10 Secrets to Successfully Pitching Investors for Big Money

A great idea doesn't cost a thing, but parlaying it into a successful business doesn't come cheap.

28 Jul 2013,

Collect Accomplishments, Not Stuff, to Save Money and Build Pride

Some hobbies and professions come with built in trophies. If yours isn't, try making a hobby out of collecting your accomplishments.

24 Jul 2013,

How To Prepare For A Salary Negotiation: A Check List

We would never buy a house without first inspecting every nook and cranny. We’d never buy a new car without comparing similar models. But when it comes to negotiating our salaries, why do many of us just cross our fingers and hope for the best?

22 Jul 2013,

How to Lend Money to a Friend (Without Ruining the Relationship)

We all have them. The one friend who is suddenly in a tight bind and needs to borrow money for unforeseen expenses and needs the money in a hurry. They may not be able to ask family, and instead they come to you in hopes they can get some funds without a fuss.

21 Jul 2013,

3 Reasons Why Your Job Might Be Obsolete By 2020

Is Your Job Safe? The world as we know it is changing rapidly and we’ve recently seen that job security is becoming a thing of the past. There are three reasons why job security is going to erode even further, and why your job may not exist by the end of the decade.

21 Jul 2013,