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Il vient tout juste de l’acheter : il n’arrive pas à piloter sa motocyclette

Jean A. est furieux. Cet habitant de Pailles de 33 ans a fait l’acquisition d’une motocyclette, le 9 mars dernier.

05 Apr 2017,

Fuel Theft: A Policeman In The Crosshairs Of CCID

Since the beginning of the week no less than twenty police officers were interviewed by the CCID. And this morning, another officer of the Central Division has undergone a grilling in an investigation into the theft of diesel.

03 Sep 2013,

[Insolite] Police motor officer, on his way back home.

Just like any of us, he is a human after all. But personally, I found this shot as truly "du-jamais-vu".

21 Dec 2012, Yashvin, pages of my life

Motorcycle racing track to be set up at Highlands

Sources from the ministry of Youth and Sports stated that there is currently no dedicated track for motorcycle racing in Mauritius. However the project is still at its initial stage at the ministry concerned. A track over 25 acres for motorcycle racing will be set up at Highlands to fulfil the growing demand of motorcycle [...]The post Motorcycle racing track to be set up at Highlands appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

11 Jul 2012, KotZot