Nato Mauritius

In Shadow of ‘Brexit,’ NATO Will Sound Message of Unity Against Russia

Polish leaders have been waiting for years for a NATO summit meeting that would recognize what, to them, is a self-evident reality: that the proper way to respond to an increasingly pugnacious Russia is to plant more alliance troops and weaponry along the eastern front.

07 Jul 2016,

NATO Chief, at Summit, Says Russia Attacking Ukraine

NATO's top official accused Moscow outright on Thursday of attacking Ukraine as allied leaders gathered for a summit to buttress support for Kiev and bolster defenses against a Russia they now see as hostile for the first time since the Cold War.

04 Sep 2014,

Russia’s Aggression in Crimea Brings NATO Into Renewed Focus

Russia’s annexation of Crimea has suddenly revived the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s central role as a counterweight to Moscow, and with it questions about the alliance’s options and ability to act.

19 Mar 2014,

Nato Chinook helicopter has crashed in Afghanistan, apparently shot down, killing 22 US special forces

Most deadly incident for the coalition in the decade-long war will apply further pressure for rapid withdrawal of troops A Nato Chinook helicopter has crashed in Afghanistan, apparently shot down,... Read more »

07 Aug 2011, KotZot