Nissan Mauritius

MCB Rolling First 100% Electric Car

The first Nissan Leaf, imported by the dealer ABC Motors is finally on our roads. This is the Mauritius Commercial Bank, which was awarded the first Nissan Leaf in the country. That, about 15 months after its introduction on the Mauritian market.

26 Jan 2013,

Electric Car: Reduction of Tax Applied

The 100% electric car will she finally on the roads of Mauritius, as a symbol of the country's commitment to make the air cleaner for future generations?

25 Oct 2012,

Nissan Juke is loud enough to silence a 747 jet

Nissan have teamed up with the Ministry of Sound to crank up the volume, producing a super sound system capable of a deafening 150db. Nicknamed the Juke Box, the custom built speakers are tailored to fit into the back of a Nissan Juke, and are loud enough to silence a 747 jet. Martin Audio, the [...]The post Nissan Juke is loud enough to silence a 747 jet appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

03 Jul 2012, KotZot

The Nissan Leaf Arrived in Mauritius

Premiere in Mauritius, the first country in the Southern Hemisphere to host the Nissan Leaf, the fully electric car, zero emissions of Japanese automaker Nissan Motors.

13 Feb 2012,

Nissan recognizes ABC motors

For grabbing the number one position in terms of market share for the last 15 consecutive years, ABC Motors was conferred a unique recognition by the Nissan Motor Co Ltd. In this regard, ABC Motors organised an award ceremony and dinner on April 8 at Domaine Anna, Flic en Flac.

12 Apr 2011,

Shutdown of Japanese plants won’t affect Mauritius car market right now

Nissan is one of the Japanese automakers that has decided to temporarily close down several of its manufacturing facilities in Japan, announced Michel Ng, ABC Motors marketing director. The aim is to help conserve electricity and reduce pressure on domestic consumption in Japan. “This situation, however, should not have any immediate effect on our business”, he said.

18 Mar 2011,

Sony, Toyota among Japanese companies closing factories after earthquake

Companies including Sony Corp. And Toyota Motor Corp. halted output at plants after an 8.9- magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan, damaging production facilities and causing power outages.

11 Mar 2011,