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Open University of Mauritius : Les cours en ligne, un craze devenu incontournable

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18 May 2020,

Cours en Ligne : Joindre l’Utile à l’Agréable

Au fil des années, l’Internet a révolutionné l’enseignement. Les cours à distance prennent de l’ampleur dans notre système pédagogique et cela attire bon nombre d’étudiants de tout âge. Grâce aux cours par correspondance, on peut conjuguer études et travail.

07 Nov 2013,

Audience Education: Bunwaree Announces an Online Platform For The Exchange Of Ideas

Today is Monday, October 14 as the start Audience Education. During the ceremony, the Minister of Education announced the establishment of a "Ministry of Education Connect" platform. It will allow all stakeholders to exchange ideas online to improve the sector.

17 Oct 2013,

Mauritius Launches Online Training Programme in India

Mauritius Grand Master comprises of seven online modules.

13 Oct 2013,

Want An Online College Degree? Google It

Inside Higher Ed reported today that Google GOOG and edX are partnering to offer an open-source MOOC — massively open online course — platform.

17 Sep 2013,

How to Take Better Photos When Selling Things Online

When you're selling stuff online—be it via eBay, Craigslist, or just on Facebook—the right photo can make all the difference. Before you take a snapshot with your webcam in a dimly lit bedroom, there are a few things you should consider.

19 Aug 2013,

How to Build a Killer Content Marketing Strategy

Look at the pace that the term ‘content marketing’ has moved into the vernacular of marketers, as measured by Google search volume. Although content marketing has been bandied about as a term for several years, its recent hike in popularity is not actually much of a surprise.

04 Dec 2012,

10 Weird Things that Influence Customers Online

Sometimes what causes customers to change their behaviours are the strangest things in the world. At times customer psychology might make total sense, but at other times they can seem like a completely different species.

30 Nov 2012,

Un shopping mall 100 % mauricien en ligne

Archnet Ltd se prépare à lancer le premier shopping mall en ligne 100 % mauricien

27 Apr 2011,