Penalty points Mauritius

Distribution of Driving Licence Counterpart: More than Two Weeks to Put in Order

Distribution, in alphabetical order, of Counterpart Driving Licence in twenty-one police stations in Mauritius, Rodrigues and two ends on March 21.

06 Mar 2013,

Penalty Points: Common Front Continues Meetings

"The penalty points represents a danger for professional drivers. "This is the message that is trying to pass the Common Front transport unions through a series of public meetings across the country.

05 Mar 2013,

AMAE , Manoj Rajkoomar (Secretary): "The Introduction of Penalty Points is Premature"

Manoj Rajkoomar, secretary of the Association of Instructors Driving School (AMAE), believes that the entry into force of penalty points is premature. At a press conference Thursday at the Saint Georges Hotel, Port Louis, he claimed that his application is done gradually.

05 Mar 2013,

FCST : Sensibilisation Vendredi à Plaine-Verte

Le Front commun du syndicat des transports (FCST) donne rendez-vous au public, en particulier aux employés de ce secteur, vendredi au Centre Idrice Goomany à Plaine-Verte. Cette rencontre, qui débutera à 19 heures, sera axée sur les « lacunes » du permis à points. Le FCST compte aussi faire part de ces « irrégularités » en Cour suprême.

28 Feb 2013,

Penalty Points: Jayen Chellum vs Ben Buntipilly

The Common Front formed around the Consumers' Association of Mauritius (ACIM) is challenging certain provisions around the entry into force of penalty points. He believes that the implementation of this project must be fair and equitable.

27 Feb 2013,

Penalty Points: Drivers on Street Tuesday

Front Redressement Permis à Points (FRPAP), consisting of drivers, does not backtrack. These drivers for whom driving is their livelihood, deplore the fact that the government is moving forward with the penalty points without having previously consulted.

26 Feb 2013,

Ben Buntipilly: "Some Drivers Know that their Driving is Unsatisfactory"

At one month of the entry into force of penalty points, some rise to the plate and provide even protest. However, Ben Buntipilly, Special Advisor on Road Safety Office of the Prime Minister maintains that the country is ready for such a system.

26 Feb 2013,

Permis à Points: Les Conducteurs dans la Rue ce Mardi

Le Front Redressement Permis à Points (FRPAP) ne compte pas faire marche arrière. Ces conducteurs, pour qui le volant représente leur gagne-pain, déplorent le fait que le gouvernement aille de l’avant avec le permis à points sans les avoir jusqu’ici consultés.

26 Feb 2013,

Penalty Points: More Than 200 000 DLC Distributed

With the entry into force of allowed points in the coming weeks, the government presented a preliminary assessment on the distribution of Counterpart Driving Licence (DLC).

25 Feb 2013,

Penalty Points: Prison for Any Act of Corruption

A strategy will be put in place to prevent bribery in connection with the introduction of the penalty points. This was announced Ben Buntipilly, Advisor Road Safety Office of the Prime Minister.

24 Feb 2013,

Introduction Of Penalty Points: Ramgoolam, "Everyone will be Treated the Same Way"

The Prime Minister reiterated yesterday that there will be no exceptions in the context of the application of penalty points from April. "Everyone will be treated the same way as there will be one law for all and not more legislation," insisted Navin Ramgoolam.

22 Feb 2013,

Penalty Points: Effective April 1, Injunction Proposed by Opponents

The penalty points come into force on April 1. The minsitre Anil Bachoo confirmed in the second part of the Grand Journal of Radio Plus Tuesday. The common front of the transport sector remain unsatisfied, because the minister was adamant that all motorists will be housed in the same boat regarding the license points.

22 Feb 2013,

Penalty Points Come into Force on April 1

It will not be an April Fool ensures Anil Bachoo. The system of penalty points shall enter into force on 1st April. It is the Minister of Public Infrastructure himself announced on Tuesday 19 February, in an interview with Radio Plus.

21 Feb 2013,

The Penalty Points into Force on 1 April

While the distribution of Counterpart Driving Licence (DLC) continues in the police stations of the country, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure has set the date of April 1 for entry into force of penalty points.

20 Feb 2013,

Permis A Points : Un Front Commun Constitué Autour de l'ACIM Veut d'un Système « Plus Juste et Equitable »

Défilé et marche de protestation jeudi à Port-Louis

18 Feb 2013,

Points Allowed, PM: "No Pressures"

Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam, said he will not yield to pressure from those who are saying that their livelihood will be challenged with the introduction of penalty points. It was Wednesday at St. Julien d'Hotman at the inauguration of the New Higginson Road which cost Rs 182 million.

08 Feb 2013,

Permis à Points : Haniff Peerun Propose le Permis Blanc

Comment introduire le permis à points sans mettre en péril l’emploi des chauffeurs professionnels ? Le président du Mauritius Labour Congress (MLC), Haniff Peerun, propose le permis blanc.

02 Feb 2013,

Penalty Points: Critics Come Charging

After the start of Phase 1 of the penalty points through the granting of Driving Licence Counter Part (DLC) since the beginning of the week, the Common Front of Trade Unions Transport is returned to the charge.

28 Jan 2013,

Introduction of Penalty Points: For Mentality Change

Motorists, remember this acronym: SPP. It denotes the penalty points system, voted last year to the National Assembly.

28 Jan 2013,

Transport Unions: Penalty Points, Demonstration Endorsed a for February 21

After more than 100 minutes of a special meeting called by the Common Front transport unions in the context of the challenge of penalty points, a decision was taken at mid-day to hold an event on February 21 from Champ-de-Mars gardens to the Company.

25 Jan 2013,