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Nouvelle loi sur la propriété intellectuelle, Me Sanjeev Ghurburrun: «Le piratage va doubler»

Une plateforme pour débattre des nouvelles lois. C’est ce que propose Geroudis Empowerment. « Cette nouvelle plateforme vient combler une lacune. Il manque des débats et des analyses sur les nouvelles lois.

25 Oct 2016, business.mega.mu

Pirates Somaliens: Témoignage par Visioconférence d’un Officier de l’US Navy

Une première dans les annales du judiciaire mauricien. Le Chief Armsmaster Command Investigator de la marine américaine, John Clemons, a témoigné mardi 15 avril par visioconférence de la Floride, aux États-Unis. C’était dans le cadre du procès intenté à Maurice, en Cour intermédiaire, aux douze présumés pirates somaliens.

17 Apr 2014, business.mega.mu

Rs 41 Million for a Prison for Pirates

2013 will be an important year for the prison services in Mauritius. A new prison, which will house 60 Somali pirates currently detained at home, under construction in Beau Bassin. The project will require Rs 41 million. This is was stated Fong Weng Poorun 'Senior Chief Executive' of the Prime Minister's Office, during a ceremony certificates to Beau-Bassin prison Wednesday.

30 May 2013, business.mega.mu

Pranab Mukherjee: India Ready to Assist Mauritius in the Field of Security

India is willing to lend its support to Mauritius safety, said yesterday morning Pranab Mukherjee, who attended the signing ceremony of three bilateral agreements between Mauritius and India with Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam at Clarisse House.

14 Mar 2013, business.mega.mu

Pirate Software - Microsoft

Following a raid on December 14 in a store Anti Piracy Unit of the police, which led to the seizure of several CD-ROMs containing pirated versions of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft has issued a new warning to consumers against illegal Certificates Microsoft.

10 Jan 2013, business.mega.mu

Bruno Raya – “We want more respect for anti-piracy laws”

More than 12,000 people want the laws to be enforced against piracy. They signed the petition of artistes during a march which was held Saturday in the streets of Rose Hill. This petition will be handed to the Prime Minister’s Office in the coming days. “We want more respect for anti-piracy laws. We held this [...]The post Bruno Raya – “We want more respect for anti-piracy laws” appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

06 Aug 2012, KotZot

Software Piracy: IT Distribution will Pay Rs 1.2 million to Microsoft

IT Distribution Ltd. will have to pay Rs 1.2 million in damages to the company Microsoft. To recap, the distributor of computer equipment had been controlled, March 28, 2012, by Anti-Piracy Unit (APU) of the police.

21 Jul 2012, business.mega.mu

South Africa Couple Freed From Somali Pirates

Two South Africans held hostage by Somali pirates for 20 months have been freed.

23 Jun 2012, business.mega.mu

Mauritius Set to Try Suspected Pirates Seized by UK

Mauritius has said it will receive and try suspected pirates captured by British forces patrolling the Indian Ocean under an agreement with the United Kingdom.

05 Jun 2012, business.mega.mu

Court for Piracy: Mauritius Commitment Does Not Have Unanimity

The first trial of suspected Somali pirates will be held in September 2012. It will be held before Judge Prithiviraj Fekna, currently President of the Assize Court. The commitment of Mauritius does not have unanimity support.

24 May 2012, business.mega.mu

Microsoft Warns Against Illicit Trade in Fake Certificates of Authenticity

In a statement, the computer company Microsoft warned Mauritians against illicit trade certificates of authenticity Microsoft Windows that are distributed and sold in Mauritius.

10 Apr 2012, business.mega.mu

Simulation Exercise: Somali Pirates in Mauritius Saturday, April 14

The police force organized a simulation exercise with the help of the French navy and foreign experts to assess its ability to accommodate Somali pirates captured by international forces Saturday, April 14.The exercise is expected to last three hours.

06 Apr 2012, business.mega.mu

Piratage : des Logiciels Microsoft Valant Rs 1 Million Saisis Chez un Entrepreneur à Pailles

L’Unité antipiratage a saisi 483 faux certificats d’authenticité pour les logiciels Home et Office pour Windows 7 dans une compagnie à Pailles.

29 Mar 2012, business.mega.mu

Seychelles: Good Student of Anti-Piracy is Struggling to Cope

Modest already crowded jails Coast Guard largely poor: the Seychelles might be a good student of the anti-piracy, the Indian Ocean archipelago is clearly overwhelmed by the magnitude of the phenomenon.

07 Mar 2012, business.mega.mu

Fight Against Piracy: Indian Ocean Countries held region seminar in Mauritius

A seminar on maritime violence was held Tuesday, February 28 at Ebony, in the presence of Arvin Boolell, Minister of Foreign Affairs. The goal: find ways to fight against piracy raging in the Indian Ocean.

29 Feb 2012, business.mega.mu

Acting Director of MASA and Deepak Persand Arrested

Harold Lai, Acting Director of MASA, and the owner of the Harbour Music Shop were arrested by the anti-piracy brigade, Monday, for the sale of three albums of deceased artists. Namely Berger Agathe, Gerard Bacorilall and Kaya.

28 Feb 2012, business.mega.mu

10 000 DVD Piratés Saisis Lors d’une Descente de la MCIT à Arsenal

Les limiers de la Major Crime Investigation Team (MCIT) ont réalisé un joli coup à Arsenal, mercredi.

22 Dec 2011, business.mega.mu

MASA: Rs 10 Million Royalties Will be Distributed Among 800 Local and International Artists

"We are no longer in the red. "So says Bhugun Islam, acting president of the Mauritius Society of Authors (MASA). As proof, he said, the sum of Rs 10 million will be distributed among 800 local and international artists, in terms of royalties.

20 Dec 2011, business.mega.mu

Anti-Piracy: The IOC and the EU Signed a Financing Agreement of EUR 2 million

The Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) and the European Union (EU) conducted, Tuesday, December 13, the signing of a financing agreement for 2 million for a project on actions at the facility level and systems of the Regional Strategy for maritime security.

14 Dec 2011, business.mega.mu

56 % des logiciels piratés à Maurice

C’est là un des résultats publiés sans le rapport annuel 2010 Global Software Piracy Study

16 May 2011, business.mega.mu

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