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Giving a Sales Presentation? 6 Questions You Must Ask First

Here are six crucial questions to ask and answer, before you present your solution to the customer.

13 Aug 2013,

7 Ways to Make Presentations More Convincing

Presentations are more persuasive when they touch both mind and heart at multiple levels.

05 Jun 2013,

Choose the Right Chart for Your Slide

When displaying data in a presentation, clarity matters above all else. Your audience has to get meaning from your numbers before you click away. This means you need to pick the right chart for the job. The most common charts in business are pies, bars, matrixes, and line graphs, which will serve different purposes depending on the data:

08 Apr 2013,

5 Tips for Customizing Your Pitch for Every Investor

Even if you stumble upon the greatest idea your field has ever known, it’s very possible potential investors won’t have familiarity with your market or understand why they should invest in you. It’s up to you to explain it to them.

18 Feb 2013,

Create a Presentation Your Audience Will Care About

Generating ideas is the easiest part of creating a presentation. The hard part is deciding what to keep. Many of your ideas may be fascinating or clever, but you can't squeeze them all in — and no one wants to hear them all, anyway.

06 Feb 2013,

What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About Public Speaking

Important Thing to Note No. 1: You're not as bad a speaker as you think. "When we have people give talks in shyness groups, they often do much better than they thought they did.

01 Jan 2013,

Cool Tool for Public Speakers

Take this quick self-assessment and improve your public speaking skills.

31 Dec 2012,

How to Craft the Perfect Presentation

A few simple tips to help your presentations stand out amongst even your biggest competitors.

17 Dec 2012,