Primary school Mauritius

Ecoles primaires : 425 enseignants percevront une augmentation salariale

Au total, 425 enseignants du primaire détenant un Teacher’s Diploma percevront une augmentation salariale à partir d’avril. Cela suite au High Powered Committee institué à cet effet.

19 Feb 2020,

Students start primary school today

About 125,000 primary school students will go back to school today after one month of vacation. The third term is considered very important especially for those in Standard 5 and 6. Speaking to The Independent, the president of the Government Teachers Union (GTU), Vinod Seegum highlighted that this term is more challenging and that there [...]

20 Aug 2012, The Independent Daily

Bhojpuri dropped as subject

As previously announced, "bhojpuri" will no more be taught as a subject in our primary schools in 2012 due to the very low interest rate. Question : Is the highly chosen "Kreole morisien" some kind of easy choice among the other languages?

07 Jul 2011, Yashvin, pages of my life

Kreole morisien ou bhojpuri?

The government has announced that the two languages "Kreol morisien" and the "bhojpuri" will be introduced as optional languages in primary schools as from next year.

15 Apr 2011, Yashvin, pages of my life