Problem Mauritius

SBM (finally) launched its mobile banking apps!

Long due since the launch of their new banking system (including a new Internet Banking web site) back in September 2016, the mobile apps have finally been publicly announced yesterday. Designed to run on...

22 Jun 2017, Yashvin, pages of my life

Shake Up Your Problem-Solving Strategies: 5 Tips

Need some fresh solutions to challenges but running on we've-always-done-it-this-way fumes? Here's how to shake things up.

18 Jun 2013,

Les 10 plaies économiques de Maurice

Les problèmes économiques de Maurice ne sont peut-être pas de la même ampleur que ceux de l’Occident, mais ils sont bel et bien réels et incontestables

22 Aug 2011,

L’ICTA réclame des comptes à Mauritius Telecom

L’organisme régulateur veut savoir de l’opérateur historique quelle est l’origine du problème technique qui a coupé Maurice du reste du monde ce mercredi 20 juillet. Au sein de l’association des centres d’appels affectés par ce black-out, une action en justice contre le fournisseur d’accès n’est pas à écarter

21 Jul 2011,

5 hours without Internet

A general disruption in Internet connection affected the island on July 20 from 11 am to 4 pm

21 Jul 2011,

Des dettes de Rs 200 M à la Cargo Handling

La Cargo Handling Corporation Limited (CHC) se trouve de mal en pis

28 Jun 2011,

Problems in Mauritian textile sector

The textile industry, which is considered one of the main pillars of the Mauritian economy, has been facing serious problems

27 Apr 2011,

The ferries finally set sail for new home in Mauritius

The ship began its departure on Sunday

26 Apr 2011,

New attempt to load ferries bound for Mauritius

Yet another effort will be made today to transport two passenger ferries from Galway to Mauritius

18 Apr 2011,

Two passenger ferries from Ireland for Mauritius delay

15 Apr 2011,

Inflation worries BOM

The Bank of Mauritius (BoM) issued its Monetary Policy Statement

06 Apr 2011,

Hotel group has warned against the industrialization

05 Apr 2011,

The State Investment Corporation (SIC) intends to sell more than half of its shares in the Casinos of Mauritius

Documents are currently being prepared

16 Mar 2011,

Four tourists robbed

They keep bad memories of their trip to Mauritius

14 Mar 2011,

Altima's ProContact dismisses 60 employees

BPO company lays off its workers because of money deficit

24 Feb 2011,