Project Mauritius

Infrastructure: Major Government's Projects

After the opening of the new terminal Plaisance, several other important government projects are being finalized and whose implementation will begin shortly. Among these projects, there is the prison Melrose, light rail and toll road.

15 Sep 2013,

Port: New Projects of Rs 7.3 Billion

The Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA) sees big. By 2018, the port plans to invest Rs 7.3 billion in the computerization of its services, infrastructure improvements and expansion of the port area.

08 Aug 2013,

When Delaying Failed Projects Is Better than Quitting

We all get frustrated with projects to the point where quitting seems like an inevitable thing. But sometimes we just need to know when to stop—not quit.

29 Nov 2012,

Port Louis (Mauritius) to get facelift, become cultural hub

The Cultural Hub Project initiated by Gaëtan Siew, a partner of the architectural firm Lampotang and Siew Architects Ltd

20 Apr 2011,