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The Maidan’s Last Stand: Ukraine’s Protesters Resist Police Crackdown

On Tuesday, Ukraine experienced the bloodiest day in its post-Soviet history as police clashed with opposition forces camped out in Kiev's main square. Even if they are forced out, the protesters won't give up the fight

19 Feb 2014,

The United States and Europe Dawdle While Ukraine Goes Up In Flames

Deadly violence claimed at least 25 lives in Kiev on Tuesday as riot police moved on activists’ encampments in the center of the city after protesters stormed the Ukrainian parliament.

19 Feb 2014,

Ukraine: Protesters Clash with Police Near Parliament, At Least 3 Protesters Dead

Several thousand anti-government protesters clashed with police near Ukraine’s parliament on Tuesday, torching a police truck and hurling stones in the first real violence in the capital Kiev in more than three weeks.

18 Feb 2014,

Thailand Election: Several Hurt in Bangkok Gun Battle

At least six people have been injured in gun battles in Bangkok between government opponents and supporters, a day before Thailand's general election.

03 Feb 2014,

Ukraine Justice Minister in State of Emergency Warning

Ukraine's justice minister has warned anti-government protesters occupying her ministry she will call for a state of emergency if they do not leave.

27 Jan 2014,

Ukraine Protesters Seize Building, Put Up More Barricades

Ukrainian protesters erected more street barricades and occupied a government ministry building on Friday, fuelling tension after the failure of crisis talks with President Viktor Yanukovich.

24 Jan 2014,

Ukraine Protest Movement: At Least 4 Killed in Clashes with Police

At least four people have been shot dead and hundreds injured as demonstrators clash with police over new laws limiting the right to protest in Ukraine, the head of the protest movement's volunteer medical service, Oleg Musiy, told CNN on Wednesday.

23 Jan 2014,

Ukraine: Clashes Rage on Between Protesters, Police in Kiev

Violent clashes between anti-government protesters and police continued in the center of Ukraine's capital, Kiev, overnight into Tuesday.

22 Jan 2014,

Ukrainian Police and Protesters Clash Violently for Second Day in Kiev

Ukrainian protesters and police have clashed in Kiev for a second consecutive day on Monday as a way out of the political crisis gripping the country looked further away than ever.

21 Jan 2014,

Ukraine President 'Intends to Sign' EU Deal after Protests

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych "intends to sign" the far-reaching trade and cooperation agreement with the EU that he rejected only last month, the European Union's foreign policy chief said Thursday after talks with the embattled leader.

12 Dec 2013,

Ukraine President Digs in Heels Over Russia Ties Despite Protests

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich gave no ground on Tuesday to protesters who want Kiev to move closer to the European Union, insisting his government needs to deepen trade ties with Russia instead.

10 Dec 2013,

Amid Protests, Thailand's PM Yingluck Shinawatra Dissolves Parliament

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra dissolved the nation's parliament Monday and called for new elections. But the move did little to appease anti-government protesters who remained on the streets by the thousands.

09 Dec 2013,

Ukraine Protesters Brave Cold to Block Government Offices

Faced with freezing temperatures as the bitter cold sets in, the protesters who have poured onto the streets of the Ukrainian capital burn tires and sip hot soup and tea to stay warm.

09 Dec 2013,

Boxing Champ Klitschko Emerges as Contender in Ukraine Crisis

Urbane liberals are joining black-booted skinheads to protest on the streets of Kiev, but if the Orange Revolution of nine years ago is to be repeated, they need a leader to unite them.

04 Dec 2013,

Ukraine Rocked by Largest Street Protests Since Orange Revolution

Ukraine saw its largest popular protests since the 2004 Orange Revolution on Sunday when at least 300,000 people took to the streets calling for the resignation of the president, Viktor Yanukovych.

02 Dec 2013,

Mauritians in the streets against the cost of living

A peaceful march to the call of the Confederation of Private Sector Workers (CTSP) had place in Rose-Hill on March 5

07 Mar 2011,