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PSAC 2019 : les candidats retiennent leur souffle

Encore trois jours d'attente. Les 18 383 candidats ayant pris part aux examens du Primary School Achievement Certificate (PSAC) seront fixés sur leur sort ce jeudi 12 décembre.

09 Dec 2019,

Législatives 2014 : Suivez le Dépouillement des Bulletins de Vote

Direct l’exercice du dépouillement des bulletins de vote.

11 Dec 2014,

3 Types of Dysfunctional Teams

Is your team guilty of one of these three red flags? Check out how to diagnose and treat a failing team.

10 Jul 2013,

FDI from January to June stood at Rs 3 billion

FDI fell by 60 per cent this year in relation to the same period of 2010 when Rs 8,244 was received

15 Sep 2011,

464 604 arrivées touristiques de janvier à juin 2011

Les chiffres suivants en termes d’arrivées touristiques font suite à une étude réalisée par l’AHRIM

01 Aug 2011,

auritius recorded its highest FDI ever in 2010 attracting $430 million

The total stock of FDI in Mauritius is estimated at $2,319 million.

26 Jul 2011,

Un taux d’inflation de 5,1 % pour 2010-11

Cela représente une hausse de 3,4 %, comparée à l’année financière 2009-2010 (1,7 %)

20 Jul 2011,

Week results: the Semdex lost 2%

The week was dominated by the European debt issue

20 Jul 2011,

Tourist arrivals up 22% in April

Some 79 173 tourists visited Mauritius

10 May 2011,

Mauritius’s tourism arrivals for the Q1 of 2011 rose 5.1%

Europe accounted for 67 percent of arrivals

22 Apr 2011,

Water consumption per person has increased last years

An increase in domestic and commercial water tariffs is imminent

23 Mar 2011,

FDI grew up 60% in 2010

13.95 billion rupees, surpassing a 12 billion rupee forecast

22 Mar 2011,

Agricultural and fish production 2010 highlights

The report of CSO

18 Mar 2011,

91-day T-bills were rejected again

Bank of Mauritius rejected for a fifth consecutive week

18 Mar 2011,

In February, 77930 tourists arrived in Mauritius against 72366 in January

For this trend to continue, the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority has been re-structured with offices dedicated to various destinations and an office specifically for the SME sector

17 Mar 2011,

10 year T-bond yields falls to 8.23%

The Bank of Mauritius again rejected many of the bids and sold fewer bonds than it had put on offe

17 Mar 2011,

Medine Sugar Estates output may fall 8.7%

Output may fall as much as 8.7 percent to 42,000 metric tons this season as drought hampers cane growth

16 Mar 2011,

Fish production fell by 7.4%

Fisheries Minister Nicolas Von Mally is pushing ahead with a master plan for the industry

16 Mar 2011,

Trade deficit of Rs 66.528 million for 2010

Export and import increased in 2010 compared to 2009.

15 Mar 2011,

The National Pension Fund (NPF) and the National Savings Fund have both increased during 2010

The investment committee of the NPF and the NSF had presented these results.

15 Mar 2011,

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