Revenue Mauritius

Fundamentals of Pricing: Price Management Before and Beyond Revenue Management

Given the automation, sophistication and globalization of the hotel and tourism industry, competitiveness levels have risen and, at it, Revenue Management (RM) has taken a key role in optimizing revenues, in reinforcing business performance and in defining who wins or loses.

22 Oct 2013,

Budget 2014: No Major Changes On The Horizon

In just over two months of the presentation of the Budget in 2014, things have already started to enable the Ministry of Finance. From the outset, Mauritians should not expect big changes for the third budget Finance Minister Xavier Luc Duval.

01 Sep 2013,

16 Supermarkets Gather in Masters Express

Facing stiff competition by creating a punch on the market for retail. This is the objective of supermarkets that have come together in the sign "Masters Express."

29 Jul 2013,

Harel Mallac Q1 profit declines

11 May 2011,

Constance Hotels of Mauritius Sees 20% Revenue Increase in 2011

The hotel group owns and manages seven resorts in Mauritius, the Seychelles and Maldives

26 Apr 2011,

Mauritius Value Added Tax Receipts Increased 10.2% in 2010

Revenue exceeded the 20.75 billion-rupee target

11 Mar 2011,