Riots Mauritius

Bangladesh Arrests More Than 11,000 After Wave Of Killings

Authorities in Bangladesh have arrested nearly 150 suspected militants and more than 11,000 others as part of a crackdown on extremism after a wave of brutal killings.

16 Jun 2016,

National Guard Arrives In Ferguson, But Clashes Continue

Strict new protest rules and the presence of the National Guard in Ferguson didn’t prevent fresh clashes with police on Monday night, the ninth night of unrest since unarmed black teenager Michael Brown was shot dead by a white police officer on Aug. 9.

19 Aug 2014,

Ukrainian Police and Protesters Clash Violently for Second Day in Kiev

Ukrainian protesters and police have clashed in Kiev for a second consecutive day on Monday as a way out of the political crisis gripping the country looked further away than ever.

21 Jan 2014,

Singapore Charges 24 Over Little India Riot

Police in Singapore have charged 24 Indian nationals with rioting after violent protests on Sunday night over the death of a migrant worker.

10 Dec 2013,

Riots erupt in London after police shooting

A protest turned violent Saturday, with crowds attacking police and setting fire to two squad cars, a bus and several buildings. According to the BBC, about 300 people gathered outside... Read more »

07 Aug 2011, KotZot