Rosewood Mauritius

Le Stock de Bois de Rose Saisi à Maurice Sera Vendu

L’État malgache va vendre le bois de rose saisi lors des différents trafics ces dernières années, confirme le ministre malgache de l’Environnement.

11 Feb 2016,

Bois de rose: La Fin du Trafic Illicite Dans 3 Ou 4 Ans

Elle a comme objectif de trouver des aides pour sa mise en œuvre. Le projet prévoit différentes actions qui devront se solder d’ici quelques années par l’éradication du trafic, qui a fait couler beaucoup d’encre depuis plusieurs années, surtout durant la période de transition.

03 Jul 2014,

Rosewood Traffic: Involvement of Former Minister Confirmed

It is a delicate situation in which risk of being bit by a former minister whose involvement in the trafficking of rosewood from Madagascar and Mauritius supposed.

19 Apr 2013,

Alleged Trafficking Of Rosewood: 125 Containers Screened At Customs

According to a source Madagascar, the Mauritian customs was made aware that the Mekong River would carry several containers of rosewood. And since yesterday its content is scrutinized. 125 containers suspects have been identified.

09 Apr 2013,

Madagascar Rosewood: Parliamentary Investigation Demanded

Minister of Hydrocarbons, Marcel Bernard assures'' Acting as the environment. He demanded an inquiry into the timber of pink.

26 Mar 2012,

Six containers of rosewood confiscated

The police seized six containers of rosewood at the port last month. These will be repatriated to Madagascar in the coming weeks. The cargo that passed through the island was to be illegally shipped to China but was blocked by the police at the port. The logs of rosewood are currently detained at the port. [...]

27 Jul 2011, The Independent Daily