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Fresh Sanctions Will Freeze Big Foreign Oil Projects in Russia

Fresh U.S. and EU sanctions imposed on Moscow will bring an abrupt halt to exploration of Russia's huge Arctic and shale oil reserves and complicate financing of existing Russian projects from the Caspian Sea to Iraq and Ghana.

14 Sep 2014,

Russia Faces New U.S., EU Sanctions Over Ukraine Crisis

European Union governments agreed on Thursday to begin their new sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis on Friday but could lift them next month if Moscow abides by a fragile truce, while the United States prepared its own fresh sanctions.

12 Sep 2014,

Russia Sanctions: Who Will Be Hurt the Most?

They are the toughest sanctions imposed on Russia since the Cold War, but who will they hurt the most?

31 Jul 2014,

Obama Announces Expanded Sanctions Against Russia as E.U. Aligns

The European Union on Tuesday overcame months of misgivings to impose a wave of tough new economic sanctions on Russia, including an arms embargo and limits on access to European capital markets for Russian state-owned banks.

30 Jul 2014,

Ukraine crisis: European Union Hits Russian Intelligence Chiefs with Sanctions

The European Union on Friday extended its Ukraine-related sanctions to target top Russian intelligence officials and leaders of the pro-Russia revolt in eastern Ukraine, official documents showed.

26 Jul 2014,

E.U. Imposes New Sanctions on Russian Officials, Stops Short of Tougher Penalties

The European Union agreed Tuesday to expand a list of Russian entities and individuals subject to asset freezes and travel bans and threatened to target vast sectors of the Russian economy if Moscow does not act swiftly to rein in rebels believed to have shot down a Malaysia Airlines plane over eastern Ukraine.

23 Jul 2014,