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Tech World Is Shaken by Tech Investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal's Arrest

Meanwhile, in Silicon Valley, leaked documents reveal that Facebook and Twitter received major investments from the Kremlin.

07 Nov 2017,

Saudi Arabia Reopens Qatar Border for Hajj Pilgrims

Saudi Arabia announced on Thursday that it is reopening its border with Qatar to allow Qataris to attend the hajj, despite a monthslong rift between Doha and four Arab countries led by Riyadh that prompted both sides to trade accusations of politicizing the pilgrimage.

17 Aug 2017,

5 Arab States Break Ties With Qatar, Complicating U.S. Coalition-Building

Egypt, Saudi Arabia and three other Arab countries severed all ties with Qatar early Monday, in a renewal of a four-year effort to isolate it and a sign of a new boldness after a visit to the region by President Trump

05 Jun 2017,

En Arabie Saoudite : l’ambassade de Maurice à Riyadh opérationnelle

L’ambassade de Maurice en Arabie Saoudite est désormais opérationnelle. Elle est basée dans le Diplomatic Quarter de Riyadh.

28 Mar 2017,

Iran accuses Saudi Arabia of 'murdering' pilgrims during hajj stampede

yatollah Ali Khamenei says authorities in Mecca ‘locked up the injured with the dead in containers’, in further deterioration of diplomatic relations

06 Sep 2016,

Metro Express: Soodhun en Arabie saoudite pour négocier

Rs 7,2 milliards, des Rs 12,7 milliards accordées par le gouvernement indien à Maurice, seront investies dans le projet de métro léger, rebaptisé Metro Express.

02 Aug 2016,

Suicide Bombings Hit 3 Cities in Saudi Arabia, One Near a Holy Site

Bombings rocked three cities across Saudi Arabia on Monday, including near the Prophet’s Mosque in the holy city of Medina, raising the specter of increasingly coordinated attacks by militants seeking to destabilize the monarchy.

05 Jul 2016,

Santé: 22 Mauriciens Intéressés Par Les 930 Postes De Médecins En Arabie Saoudite

L’Arabie saoudite a proposé 930 postes à des médecins mauriciens, «mais seulement 22 personnes ont manifesté leur intérêt». Chiffres donnés par Showkutally Soodhun, vice-Premier ministre et ministre du Logement et des terres.

14 Apr 2016,

Egypt Gives Saudi Arabia 2 Islands in a Show of Gratitude

Since King Salman of Saudi Arabia arrived in Cairo on Thursday for a five-day visit, the leader of the oil-rich kingdom has lavished his Egyptian allies with promises of aid and investment.

11 Apr 2016,

L’Arabie Saoudite, Future Partenaire De Maurice, En Difficulte Financiere

L’Arabie saoudite fait face à des difficultés. Suivant la baisse du cours du pétrole sur le marché mondial, le déficit budgétaire de ce futur partenaire commercial important de Maurice s’est considérablement creusé.

15 Mar 2016,

Soodhun: “L’Arabie Saoudite Financera la Construction d’Hôpitaux à Maurice”

L’Arabie saoudite est disposée à financer la construction d’hôpitaux à Maurice.

11 Mar 2016,

Saudi Arabia Seeks Up to $8 Billion Loan

Saudi Arabia is looking to borrow up to $8 billion from international banks and also could issue foreign bonds, said people familiar with the matter, to plug the kingdom’s widening fiscal deficit from cheap oil.

10 Mar 2016,

Saudi Gift to Malaysia PM Najib Razak 'for Election Campaign'

The $681m (£479m) deposited in the bank account of Malaysian PM Najib Razak by Saudi Arabia was to help him win the 2013 elections, a Saudi source says.

27 Jan 2016,

Defiant Saudi Arabia Says It Can Handle Low Oil Prices 'for a Long, Long Time'

If you are waiting for Saudi Arabia to save the oil market, don't hold your breath.

22 Jan 2016,

With Wave of Iranian Oil Imminent, a Shudder in Saudi Arabia

A new wave of oil from Iran will flow into a global market awash in oil where prices are plunging to depths not seen in a dozen years. With a historic nuclear deal between Iran, the U.S. and five other world powers set into place this weekend, a European oil embargo on the world's seventh-largest oil producer will end.

18 Jan 2016,

Iran's Rouhani: Saudi Arabia Can't Cover Up Its 'Great Crime' of Executing Cleric

Iran's President lashed out at Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, calling its decision to sever ties with Tehran after uproar over a prominent Shiite cleric's execution a strange move in response to what he called justified criticism.

05 Jan 2016,

Saudi Arabia Hospital Fire: 25 Killed and Over 100 Injured

An overnight fire at a hospital in southern Saudi Arabia has killed at least 25 people and injured more than 100 others, officials say.

24 Dec 2015,

Étienne Sinatambou: «L’arabie Saoudite d’Accord Pour l’Ouverture d’une Ambassade Mauricienne»

« C’est avec un grand plaisir que nous avons appris aujourd’hui que l’Arabie saoudite est d’accord pour l’ouverture d’une ambassade mauricienne », déclare le ministre des Affaires étrangères Étienne Sinatambou en conférence de presse vendredi après-midi 11 décembre.

14 Dec 2015,

Bousculade à La Mecque : Les Victimes Enterrées en Arabie Saoudite

Seule consolation pour les familles Jannoo et Nujurally. Leurs proches seront enterrés en terre sainte musulmane, en Arabie saoudite. Ils ne pourront toutefois pas assister aux funérailles, vu le temps que prend les procédures de demande de visa et la tradition musulmane qui veut que les corps soient mis en terre au plus vite.

09 Oct 2015,

Hadj: «Je n’ai Jamais vu une Telle Scène», Raconte un Mauricien

«Des personnes en chaises roulantes étaient tombées, d’autres saignaient. Il était impossible de savoir qui était vivant ou pas, et les gens continuaient de marcher. Je n’ai jamais vu une telle scène», confie Iqbal Peeraye, qui accompagne les pèlerins à La Mecque.

09 Oct 2015,

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