Sbm Mauritius

Moody’s Epingle la MCB et la SBM

La Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) et la State Bank of Mauritius (SBM), les deux principales institutions bancaires du pays, sont dans le collimateur de l’agence de notation internationale Moody’s.

10 Nov 2014,

SBM : Pas de Solde Minimum pour Ouvrir un Compte

Dans le cadre de la célébration de ses 41 ans, la State Bank of Mauritius Ltd (SBM) propose deux produits qui vont promouvoir l’accès gratuit aux services bancaires, le ‘SBM All-in-One Account’ et le ‘Senior Citizens Account’.

29 Sep 2014,

La SBM Innove Avec l’Accès Gratuit aux Services Bancaires

La State Bank of Mauritius passe à l’offensive avec deux nouvelles formules, soit la présentation des comptes All-In-One avec une panoplie de services gratuits améliorés à ses clients et une plus grande proximité avec sa clientèle ciblée du troisième âge par le truchement d’un Revamping du Senior Citizens Account.

15 Sep 2014,

Braquage: Rs 2 Millions Emportées de la SBM de Surinam

Un audacieux braquage a été perpétré à la succursale de la State Bank of Mauritius (SBM) de Surinam vendredi 22 août en fin d’après-midi.

24 Aug 2014,

SBM Won the Title of 'Bank of the Year Mauritius'

The Chief Executive Banking (Indian Ocean Islands) Sonoo Jairaj said Wednesday during a press conference that this is the third award given this year's SBM by international financial magazines.

06 Dec 2013,

Orange Money: Launch of Two New Mobile Payment Services

Allow persons who shop to pay by SMS. And traders who market the E-voucher service supply their own account up to Rs 10,000 from their mobile phones only ... These are the two new mobile payment services offered by Mauritius Telecom through Orange Money. They were launched on Thursday, November 7.

11 Nov 2013,

"The Africa Report" Ratings 2013: Thirteen Mauritian Banks in the "Top 200" African

No less than 13 Mauritian commercial bank listed in the top 200 banking institutions in Africa, established by the magazine 'The Africa Report' and published in the September issue special devoted to finance.

01 Oct 2013,

Standard Bank Mauritius Dismiss Forty Employees

They are still in shock. Forty employees of Standard Bank Mauritius received their roadmap Tuesday and Wednesday. They now find themselves on the pavement.

20 Sep 2013,

The Banks 'Net Fees and Commission' Reached Rs 5.3 Billion

At the end of March 2013, the 'Net Fees and Commission' commercial banks in the country rose 3.7% to Rs 5.3 billion. While revenues on interest (Net Interest Income), which remains the main source of income for banks rose Rs 3.2 billion during the year ending March 2013 to reach Rs 21.1 billion. Below is a sampling of bank charges of four banks.

12 Sep 2013,

Bank Charges: The Financial Windfall of Commercial Banks

In addition to the segment B (international business), the Mauritian commercial bank can rely on their bank charges to increase their profitability. Let's take a little tour of banking horizon to see what they have amassed as 'fees and commissions' during the 2012 fiscal year.

09 Aug 2013,

Some SBM customers reported weird incidents today.

After the downtime following the upgrade of their banking system upgrade a couple of months ago, several SBM customers have reported some weird incidents today.

14 Jun 2013, Yashvin, pages of my life

Ponzy Schemes: Five Banks (MCB, SBM, SBI, MPCB, AfrAsia) May Appeal

The names of the five banks will have to pay fines for failing to comply with the directives on money laundering scams alleged Ponzi scheme are now known. It is the Mauritius Commercial Bank, State Bank of Mauritius, the State Bank of India, the Mauritius Post and Cooperative Bank and Bank AfrAsia.

13 Jun 2013,

Students Credit: SBM Revises Its Offer

The State Bank of Mauritius (SBM) has revised the terms of its student loan 'SBM Achiever'. The bank explained that the operation aims to "better meet the financing needs of students enrolled at the University or in a training center both in Mauritius and abroad."

13 Jun 2013,

SBM customers complaining after new banking system rolled in

Although I have not personally experienced any problems as a SBM Customer recently, several people are complaining about being unable to carry out transactions during the past few days or even weeks.

22 Apr 2013, Yashvin, pages of my life

Cards of SBM: Temporary Interruption of Operations March 14

Attention! If you are a customer of the State Bank of Mauritius (SBM), take precautions by withdrawing cash from an ATM (ATM) before the night of March 14 to 15.

12 Mar 2013,

7 Mauritian Banks in the African Top 100

MCB (25th) led the way, rising nine places compared to 2011

09 Jan 2013,

Water Bills: Payment by Credit Card

Paying bills for electricity, water and phone is a headache for many subscribers. Because they do not have the time to get involved at the counter, or the patience to stand in long lines to make the payment. A new service now makes it possible to circumvent this problem.

16 Dec 2012,

SBM Launches Phase II of its SBM Billpay

Launched last year by the State Bank of Mauritius, the service expanded SBM Billpay be seen as a new feature now includes the Central Water Authority (CWA) for the payment of water bills and 'waste water '.

06 Dec 2012,

Real Estate: 16 Partners of SBM

State Bank of Mauritius Ltd (SBM) has launched the "SBM Home Loan", Monday, the SBM Tower in Port Louis. A first in Mauritius. This housing loan, valid until 31 December 2013, also includes discounts and exceptional gifts offered by 16 partners.

31 Oct 2012,

SBM Plans To Expand Operations In India And Africa

The SBM plays the card of diversification. The group focuses on Africa and Asia'' to open the way for a strong and sustainable growth in the years to come.

27 Sep 2012,