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Journée internationale: ces femmes de science mauriciennes

Ce mardi 11 février est dédié aux femmes qui évoluent dans le domaine de la science. Selon des recherches de l’Institut des statistiques de l’Unesco, moins de 30 % de chercheurs scientifiques dans le monde sont des femmes.

12 Feb 2020,

SpaceX Starship prototype blows its top

SpaceX's Starship rocket prototype experienced a major failure during pressurisation testing on Wednesday.

21 Nov 2019,

Yohan Louis, premier Mauricien choisi par l’Alfred Wegener Institute

Il est le premier Mauricien qui montera bientôt à bord du PFS Polarstern, le plus grand navire de recherche au monde de l’institution allemande de renom Alfred Wegener.

13 May 2019,

Stephen Hawking: Visionary physicist dies aged 76

He died peacefully at his home in Cambridge in the early hours of Wednesday, his family said.

14 Mar 2018,

Production d’électricité : Maurice participe à un projet valant Rs 44 millions

Afin de promouvoir la production d’électricité à travers des énergies renouvelables, un projet de recherche étalé sur cinq ans a été alloué à un consortium composé de chercheurs de l'Imperial College (Londres), de l'Université de Lagos (Nigeria), de l'Université de Maurice et de l'Université de Pretoria (Afrique du Sud).

18 Apr 2017,

Wanted: space volunteers willing to lie in bed for two months – for €16,000

Sleep is final frontier for French scientists studying microgravity as they seek 24 men willing to eat and perform all bodily functions in bed for 60 days

06 Apr 2017,

UoM : Rs 4 M destinées à la recherche

Le professeur Dhanjay Jhurry, vice-chancelier de l’université de Maurice (UoM), commence déjà à apporter sa touche personnelle à la direction.

03 Apr 2017,

SpaceX makes history: It launched a used rocket and then landed it in the ocean

Just before 6:30 pm ET, SpaceX -- run by Tesla CEO Elon Musk -- launched a used rocket. It marked the first time in the history of spaceflight that the same rocket has been used on two separate missions to orbit.

31 Mar 2017,

Elon Musk launches Neuralink, a venture to merge the human brain with AI

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is backing a brain-computer interface venture called Neuralink, according to The Wall Street Journal.

28 Mar 2017,

Stephen Hawking is going into space thanks to Richard Branson

Stephen Hawking has been studying, theorizing, pondering, and writing about the universe and everything that makes it tick for decades upon decades, and now he’ll finally get his chance to head into the great unknown for himself.

21 Mar 2017,

NASA found 7 “Earthlike” planets just under 40 light years away

NASA has discovered seven planets with Earth-like qualities orbiting a nearby star making them among the strongest candidates in the continued search for extraterrestrial life among known exoplanets, or planets that exist outside of our own solar system.

23 Feb 2017,

Researchers confirm the existence of a 'lost continent' under Mauritius

Scientists have confirmed the existence of a "lost continent" under the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius that was left-over by the break-up of the supercontinent, Gondwana, which started about 200 million years ago.The piece of crust, which was subsequently covered by young lava during volcanic eruptions on the island, seems to be a tiny piece of ancient continent, which broke off from the island of Madagascar, when Africa, India, Australia and Antarctica split up and formed the Indian Ocean.

01 Feb 2017,

Tiny machines win chemistry Nobel prize

The 2016 Nobel Prize for Chemistry has been awarded for the development of the world's smallest machines.

05 Oct 2016,

2016 Nobel Prize in physics and medicine already known

2016 Nobel Prize in physics awarded to three men for revealing ‘the secrets of exotic matter’; The Nobel Prize in Medicine Goes to Your Body, Eating Itself

04 Oct 2016,

Nasa ends year-long Mars simulation on Hawaii

A team of six people have completed a Mars simulation in Hawaii, where they lived in near isolation for a year.

29 Aug 2016,

Satellite images of Earth help us predict poverty better than ever

This technique can help aid organizations figure out where to spend money

19 Aug 2016,

Earliest Human Cancer Found in 1.7-Million-Year-Old Bone

In the fossil-rich region of South Africa known as the Cradle of Humankind, scientists have discovered the earliest known case of one of the world’s most deadly diseases.

28 Jul 2016,

'Welcome to Jupiter!' NASA's Juno space probe arrives at giant planet

NASA says it has received a signal from 540 million miles across the solar system, confirming its Juno spacecraft has successfully started orbiting Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system.

05 Jul 2016,

More Than 100 Nobel Laureates Call Out Greenpeace For Anti-GMO Obstruction In Developing World

More than 100 Nobel Prize recipients have signed a letter challenging the environmental NGO Greenpeace to halt its campaigns to prevent the introduction of potentially life saving options for the world’s poor, including Golden Rice.

30 Jun 2016,

Why the SpaceX Rocket Ocean Landing is a Big Deal

When a SpaceX Falcon rocket flew itself back to its Florida launch site last December, the feat was hailed as a key step in company founder Elon Musk’s quest to develop an inexpensive, reliable reusable rocket. But that was just half the story.

11 Apr 2016,

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