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Apple's latest security flaw is a 'text bomb'

Software developer Abraham Masri claimed to have found the bug, called "chaiOS," and posted it on programming site GitHub on Tuesday afternoon. The so-called "text bomb" typically causes an iPhone to crash and, in some cases, restart. A newly discovered security flaw is affecting Apple's iPhone and Mac computers.

18 Jan 2018,

Google: Microsoft's Windows Security Could Be Hacked With One Unopened Email

As bad flaws go, this one was particularly nasty. Google found a flaw in a security tool used in all modern Windows systems, known as the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine, that allowed total remote control over a vulnerable PC by just sending an email.

09 May 2017,

FBI chief James Comey recommends taping over your webcam

He likened it to locking your car and your house at night.

15 Sep 2016,

Coups De Feu À La Rue St-Georges: La Sécurité Des Ambassades Renforcée

Les coups de feu tirés contre l’ambassade de France, dans la soirée du 29 mai, remettent en question la sécurité dans le pays. À quel point les ambassades sont-elles sécurisées ? Visites.

13 Jun 2016,

Sécurité des Plages : Tours de Guet et Pontons Flottants Preconizes

Le ministre de l’Environnement, du Développement durable, de la Gestion des désastres et des plages, Raj Dayal, a animé une conférence de presse aux Casernes centrales, lundi. Il a énoncé les mesures pour la prévention de noyades dans les lagons.

28 Jan 2015,

US Enhanced Airport Security Checks Target Electronics

American officials have ordered some overseas airports with direct flights to the US to intensify screening of electronic devices.

07 Jul 2014,

U.S. Embassy Warns of Threat to Uganda Airport Amid Heightened Security

The U.S. Embassy in Uganda said that it had been warned of a "specific threat" Thursday evening against Entebbe International Airport near the Ugandan capital, Kampala.

05 Jul 2014,

Tablet restrictions to be removed because of the incompetency to secure them!

Sometimes, you need to end the week with a good joke! Nothing better than today's statement by Mr Vasant Bunwaree.

27 Jun 2014, Yashvin, pages of my life

Internet Users Told to Change ALL Passwords in Security Alert Over 'Catastrophic' Heartbleed Bug

Internet users have been warned to change all their computer and phone passwords following what could be a ‘catastrophic’ security breach.

10 Apr 2014,

NSA Reportedly Collects 5 Billion Cell Phone Location Records a Day

The NSA collects nearly 5 billion records a day on the locations of cell phones overseas to create a huge database that stores information from hundreds of millions of devices, including those belonging to some Americans abroad, the Washington Post reported Wednesday.

05 Dec 2013,

Building a Skill Set That Employers Want

As I was working on this morning’s roundup, one quote kept ringing back at me: “If you do a job where someone tells you exactly what to do, they will find someone cheaper than you to do it.”

16 Aug 2013,

Quatre Bornes : long queues ahead!

I have stopped counting the number of times I have seen them digging again into newly tarred roads (see above). Or the numerous places with inadequate and confusing road warning signs.

13 Jul 2013, Yashvin, pages of my life

Keep Your Company’s Secrets in the Digital Age

Through social sharing technologies like Facebook and Twitter, your employees may be unwittingly exposing company secrets. Even seemingly innocuous information like travel schedules or what online groups an employee joins can give competitors inside intelligence. Here’re a few ways to shield your organization from prying eyes:

02 Apr 2013,

[Insolite] Police motor officer, on his way back home.

Just like any of us, he is a human after all. But personally, I found this shot as truly "du-jamais-vu".

21 Dec 2012, Yashvin, pages of my life

Scaring people with speed cameras

Good morning. Mauritius woke up with the announcement of 2 road accidents victims in the news headlines.

09 Jan 2012, Yashvin, pages of my life

Is your home secure?

Today, I will be talking about something which we generally ponder about when it is already too late. Is your house secure?

03 Dec 2011, Yashvin, pages of my life

Disclaimers in shopping malls, hypermarkets among others…

Have you ever spent a minute reading and understanding what is usually written before entering a hypermarket's or shopping centre's parking for instance?

01 Nov 2011, Yashvin, pages of my life

Finie l’appropriation des terres

Le projet LAVIMS permet de sauvegarder plus efficacement les données en ce qui concerne les terres

25 Aug 2011,

CCTV cameras will soon become operational in Port Louis, Mauritius

The whole system for this region will be managed by a control room located at the Line Barracks

04 Aug 2011,

ZTE Establishes National Security Network For Mauritius

ZTE announced the project at the National Security World Summit in Mauritius on 20th July 2011

22 Jul 2011,

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