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Bye bye Port Louis

Ever since I started working, I have been greatly in love with Port Louis. For one minute, just forget the busy traffic and think about the number of shops, restaurants, hawkers playing hide and...

14 Aug 2017, Yashvin, pages of my life

Black Friday Falters as Consumer Behaviors Change

In 1939, the nation’s largest retailers sent Franklin D. Roosevelt an urgent plea. Thanksgiving fell on the last day of November that year, giving merchants too few days before Christmas to unleash the season’s sales.

26 Nov 2015,

How Good Are Amazon’s Black Friday Deals?

Here are the prices for TVs and other electronics on the day after Thanksgiving.

19 Nov 2015,

Vêtements pour Bureau : Les Hommes Plus Acheteurs que les Femmes

Nombreux sont ceux qui renouvellent leur garde-robe pour le bureau en ce début d'année. Si la vente des tenues de bureau flambe pour hommes, celle de la gent féminine dégringole par rapport à l'année dernière. Tour d'horizon.

08 Jan 2015,

Our first visit to AngelBerry ( Riche Terre Mall )

Tonight, we tried the new AngelBerry's frozen yogurt (fro-yo). Read the post for my short review and lots of pictures:-)

21 Nov 2013, Yashvin, pages of my life

Consumption: Modus Operandi of Rogue Traders

There are honest traders, but also a lot of scammers. For the latter, all the tips are good for plucking the consumer. Focus on these practices.

17 Jun 2013,

How Your Brain Corrupts Your Shopping Choices

Ever come home from a day of shopping and wondered why on earth you purchased certain items? As it turns out, our brains corrupt our shopping choices to the point that we barely know what we're doing. Here's what's happening and what you can do about it.

26 Apr 2013,

How Stores Manipulate Your Senses So You Spend More Money

When you walk into almost any store, you're immediately overloaded with sights, sounds, smells, and various things to touch. This barrage on your senses are hand-picked for one goal: to make you spend more. Here's what's going on.

23 Apr 2013,

Michael Sik Yuen Announced the End of Mauritius Shopping Fiesta

The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) and the Ministry of Tourism wanted to make it an annual tourist event. But Tourism Minister explained that there will be no response to the first edition held in 2012.

17 Apr 2013,

Purchases: Your Rights in a Supermarket

Errors pricing, promotions ghosts, defective products liability in case of damage or accident ... Your rights in case of problems in a supermarket.

13 Mar 2013,

Closures and Layoffs: Crisis Panic Stores

Between layoffs, closures and other retailers who are unable to pay their rent, it is the struggle for survival for many stores.

28 Feb 2013,

Consumption: Business Rife for Supermarkets

The holiday season is ripe for consumption. With promotions offered by shops, supermarkets, restaurants, people tend to buy more. Although some leave more tempted, most Mauritians are reasonable.

28 Dec 2012,

"Christmas Shopping" at Caudan Waterfront

Unmissable! If you want to know the experience of "Christmas Shopping" the most successful of this year end, a address is inescapable: the Caudan Waterfront. The "Christmas Shopping" in 2012 starts today and will last until December 31.

20 Dec 2012,

Christmas and New Year: Between Promotions and Shopping Spree

Large purchases and aggressive advertising campaigns ... This is what sums up the year-end period. Between offers zero deposit, payment facilities and other attractive concepts, it is difficult for consumers to resist. But at what price?

20 Dec 2012,

Sluggishness in Trade: Mauritians Shun Even the Single-Price Stores

These stores offer products at Rs 49, Rs 50 or to Rs 99. However, they are not packed in this festive season. The economic crisis is blamed.

19 Dec 2012,

Shopping: Tracking Mode

The bargain hunting began. Since last weekend, Mauritians are on the lookout for the best deals shopping season. Tracking mode, they organize themselves and go around shops.

06 Dec 2012,

Pour les Mêmes Produits : Écart de Rs 1 879 Entre Deux Points de Vente

Pour l’achat de 60 produits de consommation, il faut compter Rs 4 696 dans le point de vente le moins cher du pays (Kingsavers de Beau-Vallon) et Rs 6 575 dans le point de vente le plus cher (Hassif S.Service de Surinam).

01 Dec 2012,

Malls Contra-Attack

With the imminent arrival of La Croisette in the north, and the opening of Bagatelle Shopping Mall last year, the existing centers must react. Even if they say they are confident and leave the choice to the customer, the threat is indeed present. Measures are planned for 2013.

02 Oct 2012,

What makes a Mauritian shopping mall popular?

With the growing number of shopping malls, Mauritians have a much wider choice when they need to find a place to eat.

20 Aug 2012, Yashvin, pages of my life

Bagatelle: The Misnamed

It became the place of leisure par excellence. Bagatelle, the new shopping center, attracts mostly young people. Shopping, cinema, restaurants ... Meet some young.

03 Aug 2012,

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