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The dishonourable killing of Qandeel Baloch

Likened to Kim Kardashian for her unapologetic sexuality, Pakistan’s first social media star was a high wire act. Her murder has divided the nation, and made her an unlikely political icon

19 Jul 2016,

Instagram Users Top 500 Million

There are now half a billion active users on the photo-sharing app Instagram, the company has said.

23 Jun 2016,

New Algorithm-Driven Instagram Feed Rolled Out to the Dismay of Users

Say farewell to chronological ordering of posts – users are now seeing their feed as organised by Instagram’s own formula, and they’re not happy

07 Jun 2016,

Réseaux Sociaux : Dérapages Virtuels Délits Reels

L’on note, depuis quelque temps, des dérapages chez certains utilisateurs de réseaux sociaux. Statistics Mauritius révèle une hausse de 60 % dans les délits et infractions sur les réseaux sociaux en deux ans. Statuts inappropriés, images indécentes… tous les moyens sont bons pour se faire remarquer.

01 Sep 2014,

10 Social Media Strategies for 2014

Hoteliers should make a social media splash in the new year by following these helpful tips.

09 Jan 2014,

Starbucks Lets You Buy Coffee for a Friend via Twitter

In the '70s, a Coke ad envisioned a day in which you could buy the world Coke to promote harmony. Now, Starbucks is letting you do something similar, with the help of Twitter.

03 Nov 2013,

Social Media Inspires Hotel Design

Social media is becoming a fundamental part of design in a new breed of hotels.

23 Oct 2013,

Foursquare Launches Ad Platform For Small Businesses

If Foursquare’s ever going to become a big business, it’s going to need some help from small business.

17 Oct 2013,

How to optimize for Facebook Graph Search

Follow this simple checklist to make sure your hotel or brand stands out on the ever-evolving social media platform.

21 Aug 2013,

How Social Media Moves Consumers From 'Sharing' To 'Purchase'

Vision Critical’s recently published study, From Social to Sale provides some answers to exactly how a company’s social media strategy could be tailored to drive sales.

04 Aug 2013,

Facebook Alive and Well for Hoteliers

Despite recent reports that suggest Facebook is showing signs of fatigue, hoteliers said the social networking site is still their No. 1 platform for engaging with guests, locally and globally. (report from US)

22 Jul 2013,

Facebook's Advertising Is Starting To Spiral Out Of Control

Two weeks ago, Facebook announced that it hit one million advertisers using the site for the first time ever.And boy does it show.

16 Jul 2013,

6 Digital Metrics You Should Be Watching

Many of us track page views, unique visitors, followers and fan counts. We obsess over click-through rates, bounce rates, cart abandonment rates and load times — and with good reason. These are key metrics that serve as proxies for brand health and can aid or impede business growth.

15 Jul 2013,

7 Ways to Use Social Media to Land a Job

Brad Schepp, co-author of How To Find A Job On LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, shared tips for finding a job using social networking sites. Here’s what he suggests:

31 May 2013,

How An Online Reputation Can Hurt Your Job Hunt

If you are looking for a job, you need to be aware of your digital footprint – the information connected with your name online. Companies and recruiters routinely check search engine results to learn more about potential employees.

20 May 2013,

How to Get 1 million Facebook ‘Likes’

That’s why, as our coverage has shown, it’s better to wade in strategically than jump in headfirst. Hilton Hotels & Resorts has found success adopting the former approach. The hotel chain was the first in the industry to hit the 1-million-‘like’ mark on Facebook last month—a massive accomplishment that speaks to the savvy of the team pulling the levers behind the scenes.

22 Apr 2013,

Social Media Informs Acquisition Decisions

Using social media is common practice for sales and marketing executives looking to lure travelers to their hotels, but it is now garnering the attention of investors who want an extra tool when considering acquisitions .

01 Feb 2013,

Managing Real-Time Reviews

This is the year of mobile domination. Smartphones now have the numbers and the ‘smarts’ to swing this from rebellion to full-on revolution. Rethink your website, rethink your social media and rethink your external sales channels. There have been utterances about this for months now, which in internet time is decades. As always, with new technologies come new dilemmas, and the topic for today is real-time guest reviews.

30 Jan 2013,

Sales Through Social Networks Expanding

The online business through Facebook is growing. Operators such as small shops perfumes, clothing and jewelry and even individuals that engage in direct selling.

24 Jan 2013,

5 Ways Social Media Takes Customer Relationships To The Next Level

Medical device companies and financial institutions are hardly known for making waves in social media; the strict regulation of these industries is a deterrent for most.

27 Dec 2012,

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