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How to use Google Allo: Use Google Assistant, Stickers, and Group chat in Google's new messaging app Allo

Google's new messaging app has a built-in assistant, some quirky features, and could be the next big thing when it comes to chat. Here's how to use Google Allo.

26 Oct 2016,

Some Android users can now make video calls on WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s impending support for video calling appears to be closer to launch. According to new reports, the feature is now functional in some of the beta builds of the Android application, following its recent arrival in the Windows Phone version of the Facebook-owned messaging app.

26 Oct 2016,

Google Allo’s limitations explained in one word: “India”

Google's new instant messaging client Allo doesn't seem like a compelling product. Allo is missing many of the basic features you might expect in an instant messaging app: it only works with one device at a time, it doesn't work on a desktop or laptop computer, it doesn't support tablets very well, it doesn't use a Google account, and it doesn't support SMS.

30 Sep 2016,

Snapchat's Spectacles are a low-risk move into wearables

There's no question that Snapchat (now known as Snap Inc) is an experimental company. Some of those experiments fail wildly and insult its users at the same time, but the company has been extremely successful at introducing new ways of thinking about mobile messaging

30 Sep 2016,

8 tips for using Google Allo

Is Google Allo the next big thing in messaging apps? Maybe...or maybe not. The new "smart" messaging app is actually pretty straightforward -- especially if you've used its competitors, such as Whatsapp or Line, in the past -- but it does have a few tricks up its sleeve (namely, that in-chat Google search that nobody will ever be able to do as well as, well, Google).

22 Sep 2016,

YouTube adds new social features to let vloggers and fans connect

YouTube’s success as a video platform is built on three things: unlicensed music videos, clips of cats doing funny things, and vloggers.

14 Sep 2016,

Is Snapchat planning to build an AR device?

Speculation that the social media app Snapchat is planning a hardware launch increased Monday with the news that it had become a member of a Bluetooth industry group.

06 Sep 2016,

Facebook Messenger hits 1 billion users

More than 1 billion people now use Facebook Messenger every month, the company announced today. Facebook now has two messaging services with 1 billion users, as WhatsApp hit the milestone in February.

27 Jul 2016,

Here's How You Can Use Bitmoji Inside Snapchat

Snapchat acquired Bitmoji’s maker, but it’s letting it standalone for now.

20 Jul 2016,

How To Play Facebook Messenger's Hidden Soccer Minigame

Facebook Messenger has a new hidden game, and it may be even more addicting than the basketball one. In honor of Copa América and Euro 2016, Facebook has updated its Messenger app with a mini soccer game.

16 Jun 2016,

Twitter Tunes Up SoundCloud With A Fresh Investment

Twitter has invested in the audio streaming company SoundCloud, according to multiple reports.

15 Jun 2016,

More Than 32 Million Twitter Credentials Reportedly Hacked

LeakedSource says it has a database of more than 32 million stolen Twitter credentials. Luckily, checking to see if you're affected is easy.

09 Jun 2016,

Facebook Wants Everyone Using Its Messenger App By The Summer

Facebook and Facebook Messenger have been going their separate ways as apps for quite some time now, though it's still possible to chat through a mobile browser if you don't want to install Messenger. Now that option is about to disappear too.

06 Jun 2016,

Celebrity Twitter Accounts Are Getting Hacked Weeks After LinkedIn Data Dump

wide range of celebrity Twitter handles have been compromised in recent days. Katy Perry's account was hacked a week ago, and over the weekend Mark Zuckerberg, Keith Richards, Tenancious D, Kylie Jenner, and the late Ryan Dunn have all had their Twitter accounts taken over.

06 Jun 2016,

Twitter May Remove Photos And Links From Its 140-Character Limit

For years, Twitter users have complained about the fact that link and photo URLs count against each tweet’s 140-character limit. Now that may finally change. According to a report in Bloomberg, Twitter will stop including photos and links in character counts, possibly within the next two weeks.

17 May 2016,