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AOL Shuttering Winamp Music Software After 15 Memorable Years

One of the oldest and most relied upon pieces of software from the early days of online digital music will finally be mothballed at the end of this year. Winamp, the digital music file player and visualizer for Windows, will be officially discontinued as of Dec. 20, according to an announcement made Wednesday by AOL.

22 Nov 2013,

Pirate Software - Microsoft

Following a raid on December 14 in a store Anti Piracy Unit of the police, which led to the seizure of several CD-ROMs containing pirated versions of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft has issued a new warning to consumers against illegal Certificates Microsoft.

10 Jan 2013,

5 Ways to Communicate Better With Software Developers

Most entrepreneurs excel at communicating their business vision, but when it comes to websites and mobile apps, they sometimes lack the background to explain the finer details of what they are seeking.

01 Nov 2012,

Software Piracy: IT Distribution will Pay Rs 1.2 million to Microsoft

IT Distribution Ltd. will have to pay Rs 1.2 million in damages to the company Microsoft. To recap, the distributor of computer equipment had been controlled, March 28, 2012, by Anti-Piracy Unit (APU) of the police.

21 Jul 2012,

International expansion: Mauritius Telecom is Investing Rs 34 million at Sonata Software

After the takeover of the telephone operator in Vanuatu, a small market of 65 000 inhabitants, the incumbent Mauritius has purchased shares in an Indian company, Sonata Software.

02 Dec 2011,

Software Piracy - A Scourge In Mauritius

The first study on the financial impact of software piracy in emerging economies such as Mauritius, was released by Microsoft last week. The brand believes the loss to the Mauritian economy to $ 5 million with a piracy rate of 56% in 2010.

28 Nov 2011,

56 % des logiciels piratés à Maurice

C’est là un des résultats publiés sans le rapport annuel 2010 Global Software Piracy Study

16 May 2011,